opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

Much of Liberty Island's perimeter is in New Jersey. NEW JERSEY LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT OFFICERS' HOME ADDRESSES: G

  1. Patricia Gatto 2008nov18
    Years of service (today)* 	9.58 year(s)
    Salary at location (2007)** 	$24,144
    Total salary, all locations** 	$24,144
    Fund name 	Public Employees (PERS) 
  2. Patricia Gatto A 2008nov18

    We guess that her middle name is Ann.

    	 301 Spring Garden Road
    	Ancora, NJ 08037-9699
    	(609) 561-1700 
    Years of service (today)* 	11.83 year(s)
    Salary at location (2007)** 	$66,187
    Total salary, all locations** 	$66,187
    Fund name 	Public Employees (PERS) 
    PATRICIA M GATTO Born Sep 1960, 750 PLEASANT MILLS RD HAMMONTON, NJ 08037 (609) 567-3469

  3. Richard Gatto 2008nov18

    He is with FCP, a few of whose people are described below.

    Richard Gatto, Chief Executive Officer, FCP (Freehold Center Partnership), 17 Broad Street, Freehold, NJ 07728, (732) 462-3584 FAX: (732) 462-2123, argatto at

    Teri O'Connor (Assistant, County Administrator's Office, Monmouth County, Hall of Records, Room #201, Freehold, NJ 07728) is a member of the board of directors of FCP (Freehold Center Partnership), which is a government-private mix. Her participation on the board is an example of the governemntal part of FCP. For another example, a member of the Freehold Borough council (described in the FCP Web site on 18 November 2008 as "Kevin Kane, Councilman (Council Liaison)") is on FCP's board. Another board member is described in the FCP Web site:

    Joseph Bellina, Boro Administrator
    Borough of Freehold
    51 West Main Street
    Freehold, NJ 07728
    jbellina at
    (732) 462-4200 FAX (732) 409-1453.
    Some of the FCP partners are governments.

    RICHARD A GATTO Born 1942, 439 STILLWELLS CORNER RD FREEHOLD, NJ 07728 (732) 431-4037



    County 	Monmouth 	Class 	Residential (2)
    Municipality 	Freehold Twp 	Acres 	0.574
    Address 	439 STILLWELLS CORNER RD  Map 	Description 	
    Block 	00085 01 	Size 	125X200
    Lot and qualifier 	00014  	Additional lots 	
    Owner 	GATTO, A RICHARD & PATRICIA 	Bank code 	00660
    Richard's co-owner is Patricia Gatto.
    We don't know if she is:
    Mailing address 	439 STILLWELLS CORNER RD 	Deed book 	08112
    City, state & ZIP 	FREEHOLD, NJ  07728 	Deed page 	04221
    Sales and Assessment Information
    Sale price 	$1
    The seller was GATTO, P & A R & VERDE, A & N.
    Gatto et al. sold to Gatto et ux.
    Perhaps hence, $1 sale price.
    Total assessment 	$224,800
    Assessed sales price 	$224,800 	Land assessment 	$62,700
    Deed date 	05/23/02 	Improvement assessment 	$162,100
    2007 Property Tax Information and Tax Rate per $100 of Valuation*
    Municipal tax 	$918.31 	Municipal tax rate 	$0.409
    Open Space tax 	$67.51 	Open space rate 	$0.030
    Total municipal tax 	$985.82 	Total municipal rate 	$0.439
    School tax 	$5,598.32 	School tax rate 	$2.490
    County tax 	$1,216.97 	County tax rate 	$0.541
    REAP credit 	$0.00 	Total tax rate 	$3.470
    Total property tax 	$7,801.12
    Someone with a similar name has had realty in Allendale, Bergen County, NJ.

    RICHARD GATTO 1953-08-22 lived in Colts Neck NJ 07722. He is not necessarily FCP's Gatto.

  4. GOORE
    Hamlet Goore's 26 May 2006 traffic stop. 2006aug18.
    1. Introduction

      Much of this discussion of the Goore stop is based on Williams's report, which we link to above and cite below. Williams's report was issued by New Jersey's state government. We recommend carefully reading Williams's report before reading this discussion of the Goore stop.

      Although there may possibly have been crimes done by some people in conjunction with the Goore traffic stop, no one ever was arrested. No tickets were written (except for Goore's tickets). As far as we know, neither of Goore's tickets were ever handed to him. Goore's tickets were written and delivered to a court but never delivered to him. According to Williams's report, "By June 21, 2006, Hamlet Goore had received the "Failure to Appear Notice" with respect to the ticket charging him with operating an unregistered vehicle. This was the first paperwork he had received with regard to any charges arising out of the events of May 26, 2006." A court sent Goore a failure-to-appear notice in an unregistered-vehicle case arising out of a ticket the police never gave Goore.

    2. Fairview Borough Police Lieutenant Anthony Anari

      Below is an excerpt from page 15 of the Willimas report. Much of the excerpt is a telephone conversation between AA (officer Anthony Anari) and TJ (officer Thomas Juliano). In the conversation, lieutenant Anari tells sergeant Juliano not to worry, because Goore's tickets will be (criminally?) suppressed (eaten).

          AA Alright, don't worry about it, we eat the tickets, we do whatever, he...
          TJ Okay.
          AA Alright, I didn't know [that driver Goore was the attorney general's boyfriend], I was in the street, so.
          TJ Okay, okay,okay.
          AA Taken care of.
          TJ Alright, bye-bye.
          AA Alright.
        Officer [Albert] Napolitano acknowledged that he heard the statement concerning eating the tickets.

      This raises a question of exactly how the tickets were supposed to be eaten. We are under the impression that that police would file certifications in a court and the certifications would prevent the defendant's conviction. The following quotation from pages 20 and 21 of Williams's report mentions the certifications.

        When Officer [Albert] Napolitano was questioned in a department investigation about the filing of the certifications, he at first stated that he had re-checked the MVC records at headquarters and found them to be in error. After being informed by his superior that inquiry entries to the computer could be checked, he changed his statement. He then stated that he was advised by Lt. Anari not to issue the tickets because of the Attorney General's involvement. He indicated that his request for dismissal was a professional courtesy to the Attorney General and that he, therefore, had not felt it necessary to re-check the records in the computer.

      It would be interesting to examine all of the certifications filed with that court, or at least all of the certifications claiming erroneous MVC records.

      By the way, some ticket-eating (although not necessarily when done in conjunction with the Goore stop) may sometimes be a kind of crime called obstruction of justice. Ticket-eating is common in American law enforcement. If you don't believe us, ask the Office of the Sheriff of the Santa Clara County of California.

      ANTHONY F ANARI, 174 6TH ST, 09/01/2005, FAIRVIEW, NJ 07022. (201) 943-5842

    3. Fairview borough mayor Vincent A. Bellucci, Jr.

      Mayor Vincent A. Bellucci, Jr., father of Fairview police officer Vincent M. "Vinnie" Bellucci.

      maybe VINCENT BELLUCCI, 403 SHERMAN PL, 11/18/2004, FAIRVIEW, NJ 07022 Bergen County (201) 943-1432.

      VINCENT A BELLUCCI Born Dec 1919, 165 LIBERTY AVE, 01/30/2002, JERSEY CITY, NJ 07306.

    4. Police officer Vincent M. Bellucci

      Fairview police officer Vincent M. Bellucci, son of Fairview mayor Vincent A. Bellucci, Jr.

      VINCENT M "Vinnie" BELLUCCI Born 1951, 69 LINCOLN ST, 08/17/2003, FAIRVIEW, NJ 07022 Bergen County (201) 945-7263

    5. Estrada

      Angel Estrada, manager of the Motor Vehicle Commission Agency at Elizabeth, N.J. His wife works in Elizabeth Municipal Court. He has been a close friend of attorney general Farber for about 30 years. He knows Goore. Farber called Estrada at work to ask him to help her boyfriend Goore. Estrada said that he would help. On the job, he did help Goore. For example, "Although Goore had neither signed the certification on the application or provided payment for the $137 fee, Estrada instructed Susan Brito of his staff to renew the [vehicle] registration in the MVC [Motor Vehicle Commission] computer records." according to "Report of Special Deputy Attorney General Richard J. Williams, Concerning the May 26, 2006 Motor Vehicle Stop of Hamlet E. Goore" which report is dated August 15, 2006.

      ANGEL G ESTRADA Born Apr 1951, 987 COOLIDGE RD, ELIZABETH, NJ 07208, (908) 351-3167, (908) 351-4751.

    6. Zulima FARBER

      Zulima Farber, former (resigned under pressure) New Jersey attorney general; girlfriend of her live-in guest, attorney Hamlet E. Goore. Fat white woman, dark hair, two rings on right hand (pinky and ring finger). She's gotten twelve speeding tickets, four bench warrants, and three driver license suspensions.

      Driven in a state vehicle by a state driver, she went to a Fairview traffic stop from which her boyfriend Goore was then criminally allowed to drive away without trouble from police. The mayor of Fairview was there, asking attorney general Farber for an illegal? favor for a friend of the mayor who had a case before the State Board of Medical Examiners. Eventually, she (the attorney general) was pressured into resigning but the mayor wasn't. One of the police officers at the traffic stop was the mayor's son. Did that son ever receive a favor because his father is mayor (regardless of whether the son did anything wrong to get the favor)? This traffic stop is an example of why it's important to know government officers' friends and relatives despite the fierce, persistent opposition of some government officers (not necessarily in New Jersey) and some unions of government officers (not necessarily in New Jersey).

      This paragraph's following sequence of events is our guess. Fairview police pulled over the attorney general's live-in boyfriend, who called attorney general Farber. At about 9:48 a.m., one of the police made a cell phone call to the office of his father, Fairview's mayor. The mayor arrived. Attorney general Farber and her de facto spokesman (also her chauffeur and bodyguard), state police lieutenant George Justin, arrived. Based on our understanding of Williams's report, we guess that attorney general Farber wanted Fairview police to: issue no tickets to her boyfriend, let him drive (although, according to a state computer at that time, he had a suspended license) an unregistered vehicle away (avoiding the impoundment that otherwise would have occurred). Fairview's mayor knew that. The mayor asked her to do a favor for a friend of his who had a case before the State Board of Medical Examiners. The boyfriend wrongly was allowed to drive away without any problem. This paragraph's preceding sequence of events is our guess.

      In the Williams report as we understand it, Williams recommended punishment (but no tickets or arrest) for some government officers basically because Goore did not get a ticket. Williams more or less did what he wanted others punished for. Williams recommended an outcome in which no one (neither police officers nor the attorney general) gets a ticket or gets arrested.

      Born September 1944 in El Caney, Oriente province, Cuba.

      ZULIMA V. FARBER Born Sep 1944, 8509 5TH AVE, NORTH BERGEN, NJ 07047 Hudson County (201) 854-7636

    7. GOORE

      Hamlet E. Goore, live-in boyfriend of Zulima Farber, is a court officer (attorney at law). He has been the acting commissioner of Community Development and Planning in Irvington, New Jersey. The traffic stop was afer 9:00 a.m. on a Friday. When he was stopped, may have been driving on personal business. He was driving his van, which contained personal property suitable for a vacation he and his girlfriend planned to take (for example, bicycles). Did he plan to go to work that day to do his his job as acting commissioner?

      Not including tickets during the fateful traffic stop, he's gotten 10 license suspensions and one registration suspension. Goore doesn't do what California's governors do: use highway patrol officers as bodyguards. That way, there are no tickets. Also effective is what mayor Giuliani (and other New York city mayors?) do: be driven by an on-duty police officer. Once, when someone told mayor Giuliani that an on-duty officer had driven the mayor at a criminally high speed, the mayor contemptuously told that person to tell internal affairs. We guess that one reason that the mayor (who often said that he was concerned with law enforcement) did not report the speeding to internal affairs is that, if the mayor had reported it, internal affairs might have done something.

      Goore seems (at least in May 2006) to live with Farber. He's about 65. Someone named "HAMLET D GOORE" may have lived in EAST ORANGE, NJ 07017.

    8. Fairfview sergeant Thomas Juliano

      THOMAS JULIANO, 32 GRANT ST, 05/29/2003, FAIRVIEW, NJ 07022

      THOMAS JULIANO, 79 ANDERSON AVE, 04/15/2001, FAIRVIEW, NJ 07022.

  5. Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff, Kimberly "Kim" GUADAGNO 2008oct15

    Office: 50 East Main Street, Freehold, New Jersey 07728. (732)431-7139.

    County 	Monmouth 	Class 	Residential (2)
    Municipality 	Monmouth Beach 	Acres 	0.310
    Address 	14 RIVERVIEW ROAD  Map 	Description 	G2 1S
    Block 	00002 	Size 	95 X 109 56
    Lot and qualifier 	00023  	Additional lots 	23.01, 28, 28.0
    Michael is a Superior Court judge.
    Info about Michael is below.
    Bank code 	00660
    Mailing address 	14 RIVERVIEW RD 	Deed book 	05209
    City, state & ZIP 	MONMOUTH BEACH, NJ  07750 	Deed page 	00655
    Sales and Assessment Information
    Sale price 	$46,000 	Total assessment 	$2,545,600
    Assessed sales price 	$0 	Land assessment 	$1,027,600
    Deed date 	03/22/93 	Improvement assessment 	$1,518,000
    2007 Property Tax Information and Tax Rate per $100 of Valuation*
    Municipal tax 	$7,099.87 	Municipal tax rate 	$0.279
    Open Space tax 	$0.00 	Open space rate 	$0.000
    Total municipal tax 	$7,099.87 	Total municipal rate 	$0.279
    School tax 	$14,458.58 	School tax rate 	$0.568
    County tax 	$7,724.02 	County tax rate 	$0.303
    REAP credit 	$0.00
    In Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey: Deputy Director of Prosecutions Kimberly Guadagno left NJ state service in August 2000.

    A lawyer with her name has been related to the Rock and Roll Scholarship Fund of Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. The AXG Scholarship Committee has included Kimberly Guadagno Esq.

    She was an Assistant United States Attorney, United States Attorney's Office, in Newark and Brooklyn. She taught at Rutgers University School of Law.


    MICHAEL A GUADAGNO Born Feb 1947, 14 RIVERVIEW RD, MONMOUTH BEACH, NJ 07750 (732) 870-6145



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