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PSRC Staff Roster 2022

Washington State, USA

  1. Introduction 2022may7 Puget Sound RC Staff Roster 2022may4 source:
  2. Staff Josh Brown, Executive Director 206-464-7515 Sheila Rogers, Executive Administrator 206-354-6560 Administrative Services Nancy Buonanno Grennan, JD, Deputy Executive Director 206-464-7527 Finance Department HR Department 206-464-6175 Patty Jakala, Senior Accountant 206-971-3291 Kathryn Johnson, Senior IT Specialist 206-971-3274 Piset Khuon, Senior IT Specialist 206-971-3271 Thu Le, HR Manager 206-464-6175 Liana Lopez, Accountant 206-971-3290 Lili Mayer, Finance Manager 206-971-3268 Casey Moreau, Executive Assistant 206-464-7091 Robin Names, Receptionist/Administrative Services Coordinator 206-464-7090 Melissa Taylor, Senior Accountant 206-971-3298 Andrew Werfelmann, Budget Manager 206-971-3292
  3. Communications Tsukuru Anderson, Digital Graphic Designer 206-587-4823 Information Center 206-464-7532 Carolyn Downs, Communications Systems Specialist 206-852-1268 Sean Harding, Communications Intern Choo Ling Khoo, Associate Graphic Designer 206-587-4821 Robin Koskey, JD, Director of Government Relations and Communications 206-971-3602 Michele Leslie, Senior Communications Specialist Andi Markley, Library Manager 206-464-7532 Anna Morrow, Information Center Intern
  4. Data Peter Caballero, Senior Modeler 206-587-4818 Suzanne Childress, Data Scientist 206-971-3282 Eric Clute, Assistant Planner 206-971-3284 Stefan Coe, Principal Modeler 206-464-7599 Lauren Engel, Senior Planner/GIS Analyst 206-464-7540 Grant Gibson, Associate Planner 206-971-3272 Bryce Hagan, Parking Data Collection Intern Drew Hanson, Associate Planner/GIS Analyst 206-971-3269 Craig Helmann, Director of Data 206-389-2889 Melissa Hom, Parking Data Collection Intern Michael Jensen, Senior Data Programmer & Analyst 206-464-7538 Christy Lam, Senior Data Programmer & Analyst 206-971-3283 Brian Lee, Ph.D., Program Manager – Data Solutions & Research 206-971-3270 Kristin Mitchell, Administrative Assistant II 206-971-3278 Carol Naito, Program Manager 206-464-7535 Brice Nichols, Senior Modeler 206-464-6663 Kris Overby, Senior Modeler 206-464-6661 Chris Peak, Database Manager 206-464-7536 Mary Richards, Assistant Planner 206-971-3275 Hana Sevcikova, Ph.D., Data Scientist 206-587-4820 Mark Simonson, Program Manager 206-971-3273 Eva Tourangeau, Data and Planning Intern 206-971-3277 Growth Management Planning Laura Benjamin, AICP, Senior Planner 206-464-7134 Erika Harris, AICP, Senior Planner 206-464-6360 Paul Inghram, FAICP, Director of Growth Management 206-464-7549 Kristin Mitchell, Administrative Assistant II 206-971-3278 Maggie Moore, Senior Planner 206-464-6171 Michelle Stewart, Data and Planning Intern 206-464-6660 Liz Underwood-Bultmann, AICP, Principal Planner 206-464-6174
  5. Regional Planning Ben Bakkenta, AICP, Director of Regional Planning 206-971-3286 Regional Aviation Baseline Study 206-389-2879 Noah Boggess, AICP, Associate Planner 206-464-6170 Ben Kahn, Associate Planner 206-464-6172 Charles Patton, Ph.D., Program Manager – Equity Policy and Initiatives 206-971-3285 Mikayla Svob, Administrative Assistant II 206-464-6794 Jason Thibedeau, Program Manager – Economic Development 206-389-2879
  6. Transportation Planning Monica Adkins, Administrative Assistant II 206-464-7518 Jennifer Barnes, PE, Program Manager 206-389-2876 Gil Cerise, AICP, Program Manager 206-971-3053 Doug Cox, AICP, Principal Planner 206-971-3050 Sarah Gutschow, AICP, Senior Planner 206-587-4822 Erin Hogan, AICP, Associate Planner 206-971-3054 Jean Kim, Senior Planner 206-971-3052 Mitch Koch, Associate Planner 206-464-7537 Kelly McGourty, Director of Transportation Planning 206-971-3601 Gary Simonson, Senior Planner 206-971-3276 Miles Stepleton, Data Technician 206-971-3051 Kalon Thomas, Associate Planner 206-389-2877
  7. Information Center 206-464-7532
  8. PSRC Work Regional Planning Data at PSRC Puget Sound Trends Regional Data Profile Tribes in the Central Puget Sound Region Home 1011 Western Avenue Suite 500 Seattle, WA 98104 USA 206-464-7090 PSRC's mission ensure a thriving central Puget Sound


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