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Muscle Beach section of Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Muscle Beach Section of Venice Beach, 11 March 2000, PDPhoto.Org


21 March 2012

EC (L.A. City Ethics Commission) provides information about campaign finance including details of political contributions to local election campaigns. One may see the information in Web pages or download html code for tables containing the information. We provide a possible home address and phone number for a few of the "sheriff" occupation contributors. In the tables, the columns for contributors' first and last names are roughly in the middle of each table, and the contributors' occupation and employer are at the right.

Not everyone in these tables is a government officer. Few contributors write "California Youth Authority" or "CYA" as their employer.

Los Angeles City Ethics Commission Political Contributors
9 May 2012

  1. Postal Section 951: Zip Code Starts With 951
  2. Attorney
  3. Correction
  4. County Employer
  5. Court Employer
  6. District Employer
  7. Fire Occupation
  8. Government Employer
  9. Judge Occupation
  10. LAUSD Employer
  11. Contributors in Massachusetts
  12. Contributors in New York State, 1.8 MB
  13. Police and Probation
  14. Santa Clara, Sheriff
  15. Teacher Occupation

Home Addresses of People Most of Whom Are or Were Government Officers or Employees


2010 N.Y. Pistol Permits Impropriety in USA Govt
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