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  1. Alexander

    court officer (attorney at law) Katherine Violet Alexander, 2006apr13

    1. Address

      Bar Number 59070; Address 11600 Summit Wood Ct, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022; Phone Number (650) 948-5567; Fax Number (650) 948-7596.

      She has been a teacher in a government university.

      KATHARINE V ALEXANDER , 11600 SUMMIT WOOD CT (on a dead end street near Tepa Way, south of Foothill College; 04/06/2004), LOS ALTOS, Santa Clara county, CA 94022-4500. (650) 948-5567.

    2. Discussion
      1. Introduction

        She may no longer be practicing law.

        To try to persuade a client into lying to the court that he was guilty of a felony, she said that, in exchange for such a statement from him, she could arrange for him to promptly get out of jail (but on probation instead). She implied that the amount of time incarcerated was important. The truth is that, for most defendants with no previous criminal record who are convicted of a felony for the first time (for example, the client to whom she spoke), at least 99% of the harm resulting from that felony conviction occurs after incarceration ends. As bad for the defendant as jail and prison are, they pale in comparison to the harm (resulting from being convicted of a felony) that most defendants experience after incarceration (harm imposed by a variety of sources). For most people (with a clean criminal record prior to prosecution) who are being prosecuted for a felony for the first time, it is misleading to say to them that, if they say in court that they are guilty of the alleged crime, that their lawyer can negotiate an arrangement by which their incarceration will end soon after that statement. The statement to the defendant was an attempt to mislead because, for someone (with a clean record prior to being prosecuted) who is convicted of a felony for the fist time, jail and prison are a trivial part of the punishment that results from the conviction. Nevertheless, this statement, said as part of an attempt to mislead, is what Katherine Alexander said to at least one client. For the kind of defendant described above, the prosecutor offers a trivial incentive to the defendant to say he's guilty, because only a trivial part of the punishment consists of the incarceration. If Alexander had been truthful to her client, she would have told the client that he should insist on trial because, among other reasons, there was only a trivial advantage to his saying that he was guilty. She unsuccessfully tried to betray the client.

        She was insubordinate. She flagrantly refused and defied some of her fundamental obligations as the client's agent; for example, she made explicitly clear that she (not the client) decided whether there would be a trial. A client complained about this insubordination to the court. As a result, she was replaced (for that client only) by a different public defender, and someone from the public defender's office apologized to the client for her misconduct.

        After she was replaced, she chatted in a courtroom with another lawyer about the client of whom she had been replaced as lawyer. The other lawyer in the chatting had no involvement with the client. In the chatting, which was just social small talk between two lawyers, Alexander disclosed privileged, confidential, attorney-client information that was unethical for her to disclose. Her manner of speech and choice of words showed that her disclosure was not done negligently but was done in contemptuous disregard of her duty of confidentiality to her former client, whom she looked at as she chatted.

      2. Prison versus jail

        Few criminal defense lawyers in Santa Clara county are qualified to offer an opinion as to whether it is better for a specific defendant to be in Santa Clara county jail or California state prison. However, this does not stop the unethical ones among them from offering an opinion to clients. Prison might be better for one client but jail might be better for another. Often a Santa Clara county public defender tells his client that a proposed plea bargain carries with it a benefit to the client: the client will do his time in county jail rather than in state prison.

        In general, prisoners find it much harder to be a prisoner in Santa Clara county jail than in California's state prisons. There are reasons for this.

        1. The state system has dozens of prisons. Many of those prisons specialize in a kind of prisoner. For example, the most obstreperous prisoners go to Pelican Bay. There are maximum security, medium security, and minimum security prisons. The less security, the nicer the prisoners living there tend to be to each other. Prisoners are evaluated when they enter the prison system. Evaluations later are changed for some prisoners. Prisoners usually are sent to a prison appropriate to their evaluation. Although Santa Clara county also sorts prisoners, the county's sorting isn't done nearly as well. As a result, regarding prisoners who generally obey the rules (for example, they rarely start fights with other prisoners), a state prisoner is far more likely to be compatible with his fellow state prisoners (those whom he meets while a state prisoner) than is a Santa Clara county prisoners likely to be compatible with his fellow prisoners.
        2. In general, the state prison staff is less bad to prisoners than is the Santa Clara county staff. We could give many examples of this although, in the interest of brevity, we shall give only a few.
          1. Chess

            Elsewhere in this website, we describe how the jail treats chess. By contrast, one prison had a chess tournament and gave chess sets as prizes to the winners.

          2. Law library

            The county jail has a small, law library. There is no library staff to help the prisoners. In one state prison, there is a true library: circulation room with a periodicals section and circulation staff, reference room (including a law reference library) with reference staff, a supervisor of the staff, and a real librarian running the whole library.

          3. Visitors

            In county jail, visitors (for example, friends and relatives) speak to a prisoner through a phone while looking at him through glass. In some prisons, visiting arrangements are much nicer (for example, there are conjugal visits).

          4. Halal food

            Muslim prisoners in at least some state prisons can get halal food. As far as we know, the county jail does not provide halal food.

          5. Prisoner uniforms

            In county jail, the prisoners wear prisoner uniforms that look like prisoner uniforms. In some prisons, prisoners wear dungarees and blue work shirts (about what some of the prisoners would wear if they were free). In other prisons, prisoners are allowed to wear their own clothing.

          6. Kindness

            Prison C.O.s are more likely to do favors for prisoners, and are less likely to be malicious to prisoners, than are county C.O.s (although there is an immense variety of C.O.s in prison and jail). Maybe Pelican Bay prison's staff is generally worse to prisoners than Santa Clara county jail's staff.

          7. Work and Slavery

            In California state prison, if a prisoner works, he gets paid. A prison prisoner (as distinguished from a jail prisoner) who works gets out of prison early (he gets out one day earlier for each two days he works), he gets paid a tiny amount of money (usually about a dime an hour), and he may get small, fringe benefits closely related to the work he does. For example, if he works in the kitchen, he may get a little, extra food' As far as we know, in Santa Clara county jail, some prisoners (including some who have not been convicted of a crime) work for free (for example: doing janitorial work such as washing walls, sinks, toilets, doors, and windows; and sweeping and mopping staircases and floors) because they are compelled to. Forcing someone to work can be slavery, which can be a felony unless lawfully imposed on someone convicted of a felony as part of his court-ordered punishment. Illegally forcing prisoners to work may possibly be a theft crime, violent crime, or tort. Some janitorial work by jail prisoners is done for free. Some janitorial work is done for a pittance (for example: extra food, and privileges such as not having to be in one's cell when other prisoners must be there). For example, some jail windows are cleaned by prisoners who get paid nothing. Other jail windows are cleaned by prisoners who get paid with food (for example, an extra meal tray of food) and other privileges (for example: for an hour or so at night, sitting on an upholstered chair outside his cell while chatting ith other trusties or watching television; a big privilge to those prisoners who hate being cooped in their cells). Those county jail prisoners who work for free have no choice; those who get a pittance (for example, extra food) are invited to work for that pittance.

            Consider two prisoner-employees doing identical work: one in state prison, the other in Santa Clara county jail. The one in prison is covered by worker's compensation. The one in county jail isn't, as far as we know.

            Although we are not expert in prisoner rights, we guess that the right to jail a prisoner (because he cannot afford to pay bail, for example) does not include the right to enslave the prisoner. The government may jail him but not force him to work in jail, we guess. By the way, police sometimes may briefly detain someone for questioning, a procedure which is not an arrest. We are under the impression that a brief detention may last up to twenty-four hours. We guess that police have no right to force a detained person to wash walls or toilets while he's detained. As far as we know, a court may require a criminal defendant to be present in a courthouse for hearings of his case but may not force him to do custodial work or other work in the courthouse. Santa Clara county is too cheap to hire free people to voluntarily do janitorial work in jail. The jail staff uses its power to force any prisoners it wants to work, including unconvicted prisoners, to work. The right to jail a person does not include the right to force him to work (much less, to work for free) in the jail, as far as we know.

            There should be criminal prosecution of jail staff (including ringleades such as the sheriff and the director of the Department of Correction) who have criminally forced prisoners to work. We think that slavery is a felony under federal law and perhaps also under California state law. Slavery was (and still is) a widespread crime in Santa Clara county jail. Many C.O.s forced prisoners to work, supervised prisoners' involuntary work, forced some prisoner to teach other prisoners how to do management-required work, and forced prisoners to silently listen to evaluations of their work. Supervisors of C.O.s watched C.O. do these slavery crimes to prisoners. Slavery of prisoners was a management policy. If a prisoner refused to work, he could be found guilty of an infraction, then kept in jail extra long a as punishment. This punishment (prolonged incarceration for the infraction of refusing to do work which a C.O. had illegally ordered a prisoner to do) was actually imposed. The county government should disgorge all money saved by the use of prisoner-slaves. We don't know if a prisoner has the right to escape from jail (or to use reasonable force in self-defense) to protect himself from being the victim of a felony such as slavery. Slavery was done to prisoners who had not been convicted of a crime and to prisoners convicted of mere misdemeanors. The crime of slavery was (and still is?) widespread in Santa Clara county jail. May one legally make a citizen's arrest of a county government officer or ex-officer for a slavery-related crime?

            The jail buildinds were an instrumentality of the slavery crimes because confinement of the prisoners in those buildings was used to enslave the prisoners. Therefore, the jail buildings should be confiscated.

            There is a question of whether one may prosecute the county government for the crimes. The crimes were done by county oofficers and therefore may be imputed to the county government. Under California state law, a county government cannot be liable for a crime. There is no such rule under federal law as far as we know. Therefore, the county government could be prosecuted for slavery crimes under federal law.

            Jail staff who forced prisoners to work should be punished administratively and should be sued for damages. Almost all of the prisoners' forced work was done by prisoners being prosecuted for a crime and by prisoners serving a sentence fora misdemeanor. This illegal work had been a jail practice for at least decades. We don't know if it continues today (24 October 2011).

            In any event, the difference in treatment of prisoner-employees, in state prison compared to Santa Clara county jail, is an example of the better treatment received by state prison prisoners.

        3. Investigation Of Carceral Crime

          We've never done a systematic study of this topic to compare California state prisons to Santa Clara county jail. Below, we report two incidents.

          Once, in a room in a California state prison, a prisoner supposedly was severely beaten by other prisoners. An employee investigated. He seemingly questioned every person was, or might have been, in the room in that time. Each interrogation was done in a room in which the only two people present were the questioner and the questionee. The questioning was done in a reasonably comfortable room. The questioning room was not a tiny, uncomfortable room with a conspicuous window to allow employees in an adjacent room to look in. The investigator seemed to have common sense and a sincere desire to find out what had happened.

          Once in Santa Clara county jail, a C.O. was lying on his back on a floor. A prisoner was on him, punching his face. A second prisoner conspicuously stood nearby, silently watching. He was not the only witness-prisoner. C.O.s came, pulled the puncher off and took him away. As the prisoner-puncher was taken away, he briefly said the cause of the violence. That witness-prisoner continued to watch. No one ever asked that witness-prisoner anything about the prisoner-C.O. punching. If there was an investigation, that witness-prisoner was left out. Maybe none of the witness-prisoners were questioned. Even if there's not going to be a prosecution (a somewhat unlikely assumption when a C.O. is punched in the face by a prisoner), it's important to investigate violence in jail.

          It's better to be imprisoned in state prison, where the staff tries to investigate violence and reports of violence, rather than Santa Clara county jail, where investigations either are not done or are done amazingly incompetently.

        4. Getting out early

          As far as we know, a Santa Clara county jail prisoner has to serve his full sentence in jail. By contrast, many prison prisoners get out of prison early on parole. Many prison prisoners work there. As far as we know, for every two days worked in prison, a prisoner gets out one day early. Many defendants, if told that many prison prisoners get back on the street without having to serve their full sentence in prison, would immediately ask their lawyer to try to arrange state prison time instead of county jail time. For many defendants (especially those with prior convictions), this consideration (getting back on the street as soon as possible) outweighs all other considerations.

        5. If a prisoner obeys the rules reasonably well, the state prison staff will probably be much less bad than Santa Clara county jail's staff. We don't know why this is so. Maybe the state legislature and governor are more sympathetic to prisoners than is the county Board of Supervisors. Maybe the prison system is fussier about whom it hires, or trains and supervises better.
        6. Hearings

          In Santa Clara County jail and in state prisons, there are prisoner hearings although the staff does not use the word "hearing". For example, the staff can conduct a hearing before punishing a prisoner or to allow a prisoner to explain why he should prevail on a grievance. In Santa Clara County jail, hearings are brief (a few minutes, several minutes), highly casual (an officer walks over to a prisoner and briefly discusses the matter as both people stand near each other), and can be held at any time. A state prison (as distinguished from county jail) hearing can be held as prisoner and officer sit at a table, allowing them to comfortably refer to any papers they have with them. Some prison hearings are conducted by an officer who is not part of the prison staff but comes from Sacramento for that hearing. A jail prisoner can be woken in the middle of the night, then immediately have a hearing (for example, be accused of something wrong and asked what his explanation is) as he stands sleepy beside his bed. As far as we know, state prisoners are never woken, then told that their hearing is now beginning.

          Once at a Santa Clara County jail middle-of-the-night hearing, the just-woken prisoner immediately objected to his hearing being in the middle of the night. A uniformed, white, male officer who was present (but not the white, female officer who was presiding) said with a straight face that they (there were a few officers present) thought that the prisoner would appreciate the time. The hearing was conducted while other prisoners slept nearby. Maybe the hearing woke some of them. The brief hearing ended without anyone saying to the prisoner that the hearing was over, that he was forbidden to speak any more, or that he could go back to sleep. The prisoner spoke. A uniformed staff member lifted the prisoner, then slammed him on a nearby, hard, wooden, horizontal surface. Later, the prisoner went to a jail doctor for back pain. We are not aware of anti-prisoner violence at state prison hearings. As far as we know, state prison hearings are not conducted in a prisoner's sleeping quarters. As far as we know, when a state prisoner is summoned to go to a hearing in his prison, the hearing is in a conference room or office.

          A flaw of both jail and prison hearings is lack of notice of when the hearing shall begin. Suddenly, prisoners are told that a hearing shall begin more or less immediately. When a prisoner is told is now going to begin, he can be far from his sleeping place, which is where the papers (for example, notes of applicable law) are that he intends to use at the hearing. Prisoners have no opportunity to get their hearing papers. Furthermore, prisoners have no opportunity to refresh their memories of what is in their notes. Prisoners should get at least three hours advance notice of when a hearing shall begin. For example, if a hearing shall begin at noon, the prisoner should be told not later than nine in the morning that he shall have a hearing at noon.

        7. A prisoner's life is immeasurably better if he has even one or two good friends while incarcerated. The more prisoners a prisoner meets, the more likely he is to meet prisoners with whom he'll become good friends. In county jail, a prisoner can daily meet only a small number of prisoners (perhaps a few dozen who live in his pod or dormitory room). In state prison, he can daily meet more prisoners because there are hundreds who share his yard. Thus, a state prisoner is much more likely than a jail prisoner to meet prisoners who will become his good friends.
        8. Perhaps in general, big city prisoners (for example, prisoners from San Jose, which has about six hundred thousand residents) are more vile and vicious than rural prisoners. Maybe the prison system has a higher proportion of rural prisoners than does the Santa Clara County jail.

          There are rumors that state prison is more dangerous than Santa Clara county jail. We guess that the rumors are wrong. If the rumors are right, we guess that they are right chiefly for prison prisoners who are at high risk for violence, for example, prisoners who:

          1. Are gang members. For example, if a Crip and a Blood sleep in the same room, they may fight each other.
          2. Testified for the prosecution in a criminal court case or worked as an informant in prison
          3. Are elected leaders of their race
          4. Are classified as an MS (maximum security) prisoner. Some prisoners are considered to have a high probability of breaking important rules (for example, attacking other prisoners). Those prisoners are classified as MS. MS prisoners are housed together. MS prisoners are at high risk of being attacked by some of their fellow MS prisoners.

          Consider an NMF (non-medical fight: a fight between two prisoners in which neither requires medical care after the fight). In Santa Clara county jail, if C.O.s find out about an NMF, the usual reaction is to briefly chat about it as they might about a professional boxing bout: did either fighter show admirable skill?, who won?, and so forth. No written record is made. Usually, the prisoners are not separated from each other. Once, a C.O. and a prisoner walked through the jail together. A prisoner in a cell splashed a liquid onto the C.O. and prisoner walking by. Much more of the liquid landed on the C.O. than on the prisoner. The liquid smelled like urine. The two kept walking. They said nothing about what had happened except that the C.O. told the prisoner to submit a grievance about the incident. The prisoner obeyed. He submitted a grievance. Later, the prisoner asked what the jail's response was to the grievance. He was told that the staff had no record of any such grievance. In a prison (not jail), two prisoners had an NMF. They were immediately separated from each other so that they could not fight again. Soon after, one of them was transferred to another prison. These anecdotes are examples of an important difference between Santa Clara county jail and prison: prison does more than jail to try to prevent violence, jail does more than prison to prevent and destroy written evidence of violence. By the way, neither jail nor prison normally handles an NMF as a crime. If two free people seem to have an NMF, a police officer might give them a ticket or even arrest them for a misdemeanor. If two prisoners have an NMF, there will be no misdemeanor ticket, arrest, or prosecution.

          Consider an outstanding doctor practicing medicine in a rural village. He owns his practice. Owning his own practice is a nuisance. He likes to treat patients, not shop for insurance, collect bills from patients, or check references of job applicants. He doesn't make much money in his village. What's worse, the village's population is declining. His income is gradually declining. One day, he gets a letter from a hospital in a big city (maybe Houston or Chicago). The hospital offers him a job paying twice what he now earns. Furthermore, he'll just treat patients. It's unlikely that he'll write to the hospital that there's more violent crime in Chicago than in his village, and he doesn't want to be injured, so he's turning down the offer. If he turns down the offer, it won't be because he's concerned about being injured in Chicago because there's more violent crime there. Even if prison's more dangerous than jail, the difference is too small to justify missing the substantial benefits of prison.

      3. Sometimes a Santa Clara county prosecutor makes an offer: plead guilty to a crime and, in exchange, your sentence will be shorter and your time will be served in Santa Clara county jail rather than in prison. Most prisoners would be much better off doing their time in state prison. Furthermore, for most prisoners with a clean record being prosecuted for a felony for the first time, almost all of the disadvantages of conviction occur after release from incarceration (so that reduction in the number of years of incarceration usually is only a trivial benefit). Therefore, many Santa Clara county criminal cases resolved by plea bargain should instead be resolved by trial. Criminal defense lawyers should not try to conceal the considerations stated above to try to trick defendant-clients in Santa Clara County into plea bargains.
  2. court officer Douglas Blanchard Allen, California lawyer 99239. 2007apr13.

    He was admittted to the bar in 1981. He may possibly live at one of the addresses below.

    DOUGLAS B ALLEN Born 1953, 12468 BARLEY HILL RD, 08/14/2002, LOS ALTOS, CA 94024, (650) 949-0280

    DOUGLAS B ALLEN Born 1953, 20150 THOMPSON RD, LOS GATOS, CA 95033.

  3. 2005 March 5, court officer (attorney at law) Gloria Allred was born Gloria Bloom on 3 July 1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is Gloria Rachel Allred, California lawyer number 65033, and may be:
    GLORIA ALLRED, age 63, 17366 W SUNSET Boulevard (west of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sunset Boulevard house), PACIFIC PALISADES CA 90272, (310);
    GLORIA R. ALLRED, 1486 GLENDON Avenue, Westwood Village neighborhood, LOS ANGELES CA 90024, (310).
  4. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Michael D. Amick
    Michael Daniel Amick
    California bar # 146009
    county: Sacramento
    Mastagni Holstedt & Amick
    1912 I St #102
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 446-4692

    born Boonville Missouri, 24 October 1944

    MICHAEL D. AMICK, age 59, 8008 WHITE BIRCH Court (a lawyer who lives on a court), CITRUS HEIGHTS CA 95610, (916) 72?-????.
    Lawyer Michael Amick sometimes may work in the law firm's Stockton office.

  5. Barlavi
    1. Introduction 14 November 2011 Kamran Barlavi Kamran is a male, Persian name.
    2. Court Officer Kamran Barlavi - #163434 Current Status: Active Source: State Bar of California. Bar Number: 163434 Address: Eslamboly & Barlavi 73700 Dinah Shore Dr Ste 104 Palm Desert, CA 92211 Phone Number: (323) 934-9899 Fax Number: (760) 322-6909 e-mail: Not Available County: Riverside Undergraduate School: Boston Univ; Boston MA Law School: Univ of West Los Angeles; Los Angeles CA District: District 9 Sections: None Status History Effective Date Status Change Present Active 1/6/1993 Admitted to The State Bar of California
    3. Addresses KAMRAN M BARLAVI Born MAR 1962 75252 MONTECITO DR INDIAN WELLS, CA 92210 5564658 KAMRAN M BARLAVI Born MAR 1962 73700 DINAH SHORE DR #104 PALM DESERT, Riverside County, CA 92211 office address listed with State Bar See BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY. KAMRAN M BARLAVI Born MAR 1962 45451 LUPINE LN #24 PALM DESERT, CA 92260 (760) 346-4176 See BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY.
  6. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Cynthia M. Bosco
    Cynthia Marie Bosco
    California bar # 200114
    county: Sacramento
    Dept Of Developmental Services Legal Affairs Div
    1600 9th St Ste 240, Sacramento, CA 95814-6414
    (916) 653-0123
    CYNTHIA M BOSCO, age 41, 7555 GREENHAVEN DR, SACRAMENTO CA 95831, (916) 429-6352

    born BOSCO CYNTHIA M 04/07/1963 FEMALE mother MCGERRIG, county SAN FRANCISCO

  7. Briggs
    1. Court Officer 13 November 2011 William Manuel Briggs - Lawyer #46236 Current Status: Active Source: State Bar of California Bar Number: 46236 Address: Mastagni, Holstedt, Amick et al. 1912 I St Sacramento, CA 95811 Phone Number: (916) 448-2930 e-mail: County: Sacramento Undergraduate School: Univ of Wisconsin; Madison WI Law School: Univ of Chicago Law School; Chicago IL District: District 2 Sections: None Status History Effective Date Status Change Present Active 1/27/1970 Admitted to The State Bar of California
    2. Possible, recent addresses WILLIAM M BRIGGS Born AUG 1944 2991 1 [2991 1st St?] SACRAMENTO, CA 94203 WILLIAM M BRIGGS Born AUG 1944 2991 1S T ST [2991 1st St?] SACRAMENTO, CA 95816 WILLIAM M BRIGGS Born AUG 1944 1361 CASTEC DR SACRAMENTO, CA 95864 (916) 481-4771 WILLIAM M BRIGGS Born AUG 1944 1410 CAMPBELL LN SACRAMENTO, CA 95822 (916) 481-4771 WILLIAM M BRIGGS 2431 CAPITOL AVE SACRAMENTO, CA 95816 (916) 448-2930 WILLIAM M BRIGGS Born AUG 1944 1900 SUTTERVILLE RD SACRAMENTO, CA 95822 (916) 481-4771
  8. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Dawn M. Capp
    California bar # 215169
    county: Sacramento
    Law Ofc Dawn Capp, P O Box 41045, Sacramento, CA 95842
    (916) 332-2643
    DAWN M CAPP, age 31, 1851 DONAX AVE, SAN DIEGO CA 92154, (619)
  9. James Byron Carr
    1. Introduction 13 November 2011
    2. Court Officer James Byron Carr - #53274 Current Status: Active Source: State Bar of California. Bar Number: 53274 Address: James B. Carr 505 Miller Dr Davis, CA 95616 Phone Number: (916) 446-4692 Fax Number: (916) 447-4614 e-mail: Not Available County: Yolo Undergraduate School: California St Univ Chico; Chico CA Law School: UC Davis SOL King Hall; Davis CA District: District 2 Sections: None Status History Effective Date Status Change Present Active 12/13/1972 Admitted to The State Bar of California
    3. Possible, Recent Addresses JAMES B CARR Born DEC 1946 505 MILLER DR DAVIS, CA 95616 (530) 756-7187 See his address several lines above. JAMES B CARR Born DEC 1946 1816 MYRTLE PL DAVIS, CA 95618 (530) 756-7187 JAMES B CARR Born DEC 1946 4679 PO BOX 4679 DAVIS, CA 95617 (530) 756-7187 JAMES B CARR Born DEC 1946 1420 F ST MODESTO, CA 95354 (209) 756-7187
  10. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    John Patrick Carty III
    California bar # 95725
    county: San Joaquin
    David Allen & Associates, 7400 Shoreline Dr #1 Stockton, CA 95219
    (209) 473-4800
    jcarty at
    JOHN P CARTY, age 49, 1160 RIO NORTE WAY, SACRAMENTO CA 95834, (916)
  11. Cheung 2008aug18

    Dona K Cheung, California lawyer 221222

    1169 Parkington Ave., Sunnyvale, CA, 94087. (408) 605-5754.

    Undergraduate School Univ of California Santa Cruz; CA. Law School U of San Francisco SOL; San Francisco CA. 12/5/2002 Admitted to The State Bar of California.

    DONA CHEUNG (408) 245-8110

    DONA K CHEUNG 1969-08-31 lived in Santa Cruz CA 95060.

  12. Clark

    2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Kasey Christopher Clark
    He seems to have works for Mastagni, Holstedt & Amick.
    Kasey Christophe Clark
    California bar # 148881
    county: Sacramento
    Cause Statewide Law Enforcement Assn.
    2029 H St
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 447-5262
    KASEY C. CLARK, age 42, 4424 D ST, SACRAMENTO CA 95819, (916) 454-6166.

    Recent neighbors may include William S Higgins (Attorney, League of California Cities; 511 La Purissima Way, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.5735, -121.44541), Bruce Bikle (PROFESSOR, CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SACR; 5001 E St, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57386, -121.44628), Jerome Mcguire (Counsel, California State Senate; 561 La Purissima Way, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57299, -121.44566), Liberty Sanchez (Lobbyist, Law offices of Barry Broad; 800 46th St, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57256, -121.44456), Dr Errol A Craig (Resident Physician, UC Davis Medical Center; John Kerry $1,000; 4709 C St, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57438, -121.44178), Eugene Barasch (Md, UCD; 4225 E St, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57414, -121.44973), Connie Sanders Emerson (Attorney [although seemingly not according to state bar of California website], Lanahan & Reilley [closely linked to California assembleywoman Noreen Marie Evans]; 4465 G St; Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57148, -121.44841), and Eileen Heaser (Librarian, CSUS; 449 San Miguel Way, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57552, -121.45112).

  13. Cohn

    Cindy Ann Cohn 2008aug14.

    Court officer: attorney at law, California lawyer # 145997. Undergraduate School Univ of Iowa; Iowa City IA. Law School Univ of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI.

    federal campaign contribution
    Cindy Cohn
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    John Kerry 
    4039 23RD ST
    San Francisco CA
    CINDY A COHN Born Nov 1963, 04/2001, 307 CHATTANOOGA ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94114 (415) 285-9088

    CINDY A COHN 4039 23RD ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94114 (415) 648-4952

    CINDY A COHN 04/2005, 4039 3RD ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94124

    CINDY A COHN Born Nov 1963, 03/2002, 425 MISSISSIPPI ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107 (415) 285-9088


  14. Coliver 2008aug17

    Lillian Sandra Coliver

    Lillian Sandra Coliver, California lawyer 99492. Open Society Justice Initiative, 400 W 59th St., New York, NY, 10019; (212) 548-0384, Fax (212) 548-4662. Email scoliver at Undergraduate School Yale Univ; New Haven CT. Law School UC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA 12/1/1981 Admitted to The State Bar of California.

    Sandra Coliver
    Open Society Institute
    New York NY
    Donation to Political Action
    LILLIAN S COLIVER Born 1955, 305 13TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10014

    SANDRA COLIVER 45 CHRISTOPHER ST NEW YORK, NY 10014 (212) 217-1946

    LILLIAN S COLIVER 1955-04-13 lived in Berkeley CA 94709.

    Born COLIVER LILLIAN S 04 13 1955, mother SIMON, FEMALE, county SAN FRANCISCO.

  15. Alan Chenoweth Davis
    14 November 2011
    Alan Chenoweth Davis - Lawyer #38762
    Current Status:  Active
    Source:  State Bar of California.
    Bar Number: 	38762 	  	 
    Address: 	Davis & Reno
    22 Battery St #1000
    San Francisco, CA 94111-5524
    Phone Number: 	(415) 274-8700
    Fax Number: 	(415) 274-8770
    	Undergraduate School: 	Northwestern Univ; Evanston IL
    	Law School: 	UC Hastings COL; San Francisco CA
    District: 	District 4 	  	 
    Sections: 	Labor & Employment
    Status History
    Effective Date 	Status Change
    Present 	Active
    6/28/1966 	Admitted to The State Bar of California
  16. de la Vega, Delavega 2008aug16

    Connie de la Vega, Constance M. V. "Connie" DelaVega, California lawyer 85199

    USF School of Law, 2130 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA, 94117. Undergraduate School Scripps Coll; Claremont CA. Law School UC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA. 5/18/1979 Admitted to The State Bar of California.

    CONNIE M DELAVEGA Born 1953, 3987 FOREST HILL AVE OAKLAND, CA 94602 (510) 482-3150

    CONSTANCE 	  	DELAVEGA born	1953-02-05 lived in 	Oakland 	CA 	94609.
    CONSTANCE M DELAVEGA 1953-02-05 Oakland CA 94602.
    CONSTANCE M DELAVEGA 1953-02-05 Oakland CA 94611.
  17. Dixon

    2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Brian A. Dixon
    Brian Albert Dixon
    California bar # 139253
    Mastagni Holstedt et al 1912 I St #102, Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 446-4692
    born Spokane Washington, 2 December 1957
    BRIAN A DIXON, age 47, 3060 DONNER WAY (near Franklin Boulevard and 31st Street), SACRAMENTO CA 95817-3238 , (916)

  18. 2006 January 26, Paul Wesley EGLY, court officer (attorney).

    He was a Los Angeles county Superior Court judge. He has practiced law in California and elsewhere.

    California lawyer 23615
    Address 339 Dartmoor, Laguna Beach, Orange county, CA 92651
    telephone (949) 497-2027.

    PAUL H EGLY, Born Dec 1920, 339 DARTMOOR ST. (between Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and the Pacific Ocean), LAGUNA BEACH, CA 92651-1428.

    born EGLY PAUL W 03/09/1921 MALE, mother GANTCHY, county ORANGE

  19. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Gregory S. Emery
    Gregory Steven Emery
    California bar # 91861
    county: Placer
    P O Box 4234
    (916) 491-4279
    GREGORY S EMERY, age 52, 10745 SUNRISERIDGE CIR, AUBURN CA 95603, (916)
  20. Estamboly
    1. Introduction 14 November 2011 Bahman Eslamboly Bahman is a male, Persian name.
    2. Court Officer Bahman Eslamboly - Lawyer #134272 Current Status: Active Source: State Bar of California. Bar Number: 134272 Address: Eslamboly & Barlavi 73700 Dinah Shore Dr Palm Desert, CA 92211 Phone Number: (760) 324-0700 Fax Number: Not Available e-mail: Not Available County: Riverside Undergraduate School: Univ of California at Los Angeles; CA Law School: Loyola Law School; Los Angeles CA District: District 9 Sections: None Status History Effective Date Status Change Present Active 6/14/1988 Admitted to The State Bar of California
    3. Addresses BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY Born JAN 1962 635 HUNTLEY DR #4 WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90069 BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY Born JAN 1962 73700 DINAH SHORE DR #104 PALM DESERT, CA 92211 law office address See KAMRAN M BARLAVI. BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY Born JAN 1962 45451 LUPINE LN #24 PALM DESERT, CA 92260 (760) 346-4176 See KAMRAN M BARLAVI. BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY Born JAN 1962 6100 WILSHIRE BLVD #360 LOS ANGELES, CA 90048 (323) 934-9899 BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY Born JAN 1962 1541 N MARTEL AVE #3D LOS ANGELES, CA 90046 (323) 273-4282 BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY Born JAN 1962 865 COMSTOCK AVE #4 LOS ANGELES, CA 90024 (310) 273-4282 BAHMAN ESLAMBOLY Born JAN 1962 75352 PALM SHADOW DR INDIAN WELLS, CA 92210 (760) 346-4176
  21. 2004 December 18, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Diane M. Fishburn, Diane Maura Fishburn
    bar association # 96812
    admitted to bar: January 21, 1981
    county: Sacramento
    Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP 555 Capitol Mall #1425 Sacramento, CA 95814-4602
    (916) 442-2952

    She worked for the California FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission), CARB (California Air Resources Board), and New Mexico Supreme Court.

    DIANE M. FISHBURN, age 50, 5391 MONALEE Avenue, SACRAMENTO CA 95819, (916) 454-5414

    born FISHBURN DIANE M 05/18/1954 FEMALE, mother RODUNER county LOS ANGELES

    Recent neighbors may include Catherine Warmerdam (Public Relations, Cal Poly Foundation; 451 Lovella Way, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.5721, -121.4324), Steven Soto (MediCal Branch Chief, State of California; 5309 Callister Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57814, -121.4342), Ms. Gail Shamberg (Registered Nurse, U C Davis Health Sys; 5621 McAdoo Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57173, -121.4311), and Gary Hartsough (Air Traffic Controller, Federal Aviation Administration; 5516 Callister Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819; 38.57617, -121.42892).

  22. Fong

    2004 December 18, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Leroy Y. Fong
    bar association # 45161
    admitted to bar: January 15, 1970
    county: Sacramento
    Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP 555 Capitol Mall #1425 Sacramento, CA 95814-4602
    (916) 442-2952

    He was a Sacramento County DDA (Deputy District Attorney).

    LEROY Y. FONG, age 66, 25 WATERCREST Court, SACRAMENTO CA 95831, (916) 421-1210

    Recent neighbors may include Linda Berg (Attorney, State Of California; 7620 Windbridge Dr, Sacramento, CA 95831; 38.48421, -121.53416), Bryan Baldwin (Human Resources, California Department of Justice; 23 Fallwind Cir, Sacramento, CA 95831; 38.4856, -121.52304), and Nelson Chan (Attorney, State of California; 1060 E Landing Way , Sacramento, CA 95831; 38.47764, -121.52179).

  23. Mark Allen FUDEM
    1. Introduction


      Perhaps he no longer works for the WCAB.

      Mark Allen Fudem may have been born as follows:

      FUDEM, MARK A; 08/09/1955, MALE, mother's maiden surname COHEN, in SAN FRANCISCO county.

      According to our understanding of California campaign finance records, he was part of Fudem and Evans law firm (of Santa Rosa, CA). He now is a court officer: active California lawyer (number 102387), state bar address as an inactive lawyer was 539 Benton Streeet (near Mendocino Avenue; in Santa Rosa town, Sonoma County, CA 95404-3702), telephone number as an inactive lawyer is (707) 578-1656. He was a worker's compensation administrative law judge employed by the state government of California.

      He is again an active member of the bar.

    2. Active Member of the California Bar
      Mark Allen Fudem - #102387
      Bar Number:	102387
      Address:	 1523 Palmer St [his law office address?]
      Napa, CA 94559
      [He lived and worked in Santa Rosa, Sonnoma County.
      For example, he practiced law there.
      Why is his State Bar address now in Napa, Napa County?]
      Phone Number:	(707) 480-9722
      Fax Number:	 Not Available
      e-mail:	Not Available 
      County:	Napa
      Undergraduate School:	 Univ of California Berkeley; Berkeley CA [his mother's school]
      District:	 District 1	 	 
      Sections:	 None	Law School:	McGeorge SOL Univ of the Pacific; CA
      Status History
      Effective Date	Status Change
      Present	Active
      1/7/2008	Active	  
      1/1/2005	Inactive	  
      2/11/1982	Admitted to The State Bar of California
    3. Weitzenberg

      A contributor to his wife Noreen's assembly campaign was:
      The contributor seems to be: LYNN A. WEITZENBERG, born 1947, 1563 MANZANITA AVE. (near Los Olivos Avenue), SANTA ROSA, CA 95404-2021, (707) 539-8550.

      Notice that the contributor's address is on the same side of the same block as an address of Mark A. Fudem: MARK A. FUDEM, 1637 MANZANITA AVE (near Los Olivos Avenue), SANTA ROSA, Sonoma county, CA 95404-2023; (707) 539-7224.

      Phone area code (707).

    4. Relatives Who Are Or Were Government Officers
      1. Introduction


      2. Evans: State Senator Noreen Marie Evans

        We have pages about Noreen Marie Evans elsewhere in the California section of this site. In those pages, we have a section about Joel R. Evans-Fudem. That section has much informtion about home address.

        Mark was an officer (WCAB adminstrative law judge) of the California State government. His wife is a state senatore. We guess that the state Senate Judiciary Committee, is not the committee with primary oversight of the WCAB. She previously was a state assemblyperson. Much of this article about Fudem was written when Evans was in the Assembly.

        His wife: former assemblymember Noreen Marie Evans, former assembly district: 7, bachelor's degree in 1978, an active lawyer (number 102385, Lanahan & Reilley law firm according to that firms's website on 1 October 2005), e-mail evanifudem[at] We don't know if her legislative district office is in the same building he works in.

      3. Arthur Salamon Fudem, Campaign Contributor
        1. Introduction

          Mark's father, Arthur Fudem, is an Evans campaign contributor and a court officer; namely, an attorney.

        2. California Attorney
          Arthur Fudem - #55644
          Current Status: 	 Inactive
          Bar Number:	55644	 	 
          Address:	 2640 Green St.
          San Francisco, CA 94123
          Phone Number:	Not Available
          Fax Number:	 Not Available
          e-mail:	Not Available 
          County:	San Francisco
          Undergraduate School:  Univ of California; CA [UC Berkeley?]
          District:	 District 1	 	 
          Sections:	 None	
          Law School:	San Francisco Law Sch; San Francisco CA
          Status History
          Effective Date	Status Change
          Present	Inactive
          12/13/2007	Inactive	  
          6/28/1973	Admitted to The State Bar of California
        3. General

          Arthur FUDEM contributed $500.00 to EVANS FOR ASSEMBLY (ID#1255628) on 21 November 2003.

          ARTHUR FUDEM, born Sept.1929, 2640 GREEN ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CA, (415) 346-9123;
          ARTHUR FUDEM, (415) 346-9123

          born 09/28/1929 MALE in SAN FRANCISCO
      4. Joyce Fudem, deceased
        1. Teacher Joyce "Joy" Fudem Fudem, Joyce (Joy) Friday, September 17, 2004 [publication date] Fudem, Joyce (Joy). In San Francisco, Sept. 8. Age [at death] 72 [maiden name Joyce Cohen born about 1932] Wife of [California attorney] Arthur Fudem. Mother of [WCAB admin law judge] Mark Fudem (and [his wife] Noreen Evans) Grandmother of Erin [California attorney] Joel [supposed political consultant, Sonoma County government senior office assistant] and Rachel Evans-Fudem Born and raised in San Francisco. Attended Washington High School. Received a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley [as did her son, attorney Mark] M.A. from San Francisco State. Teacher for 25 years. Taught primary school and then later adult education and English as a second language at City College of San Francisco.
    5. Address and Phone


      We guess that he lives with his wife. Read, near the bottom of page 2 of our pages about his wife, the brief section about Noreen Evans's residence..

      Mark's address and phone numnber may have been:
      MARK FUDEM, 509 7TH ST. (at B Street), SANTA ROSA, CA, (707) 578-3101.

      That address seems to have a white, three-story (including attic), building originally built as a one-family residence but now used as the office of Chocolat' MedSpa (director, Carolyn A. Matzinger, M.D.). We guess that he does not live there today.

      MARK A. FUDEM (707) 538-4520. Prefix 538 is in Santa Rosa.

      Mark Fudem
      509 7th Street
      Santa Rosa 95401
      707-480-9722   707-480-1588

      MARK A. FUDEM, 1637 MANZANITA AVE (near Los Olivos Avenue)
      SANTA ROSA, Sonoma county, CA
      95404-2023; (707) 539-7224.

      Mark A Fudem, 58 [in March 2014]
      Napa, CA
      Known also as:Mark Allen Fudem
      Related to:
      Erin Deppe, ~29 [now Erin M. Evans-Fudem]
      [Erin, his daughter, is a lawyer who works for a lobbying business in Sacramento.]
      Kevin Deppe, ~28
      [We think that Erin was married to Kevin.
      Kevin is with the U.S. Marshal's Service in Sacramento.]
      *** Brown
      Napa, CA
      Phone & Addresses
      Napa, CA
      **** Manzanita, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 
      (707) 538-****
      **** 7Th, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 
      (707) 578-****     details ...
      MARK A FUDEM born 1955-08-09 lived in Santa Rosa CA
    6. Sonoma County Realty

      Fudem may have owned or xo-owned three parcels of real estate in Sonoma county:

      1. Assessor, Mark's Homestead, 180-710-021-000

        Information as of Lien Date January 1st 2005
        Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 180-710-021-000
        Assessment Number 180-710-021-000
        [The APN and AN above are identical.]
        Tax Rate Area (TRA) 004-001
        Current Document Number 2002R115788
        Current Document Date 08/02/2002
        Owner FUDEM MARK
        Lot Size 0
        Roll Values
        Land 155,861
        Structure 379,988
        Total Land and Improvements 535,849
        Personal Property MH
        Business Property

        Homeowners Exemption (HOX) 7,000

        Other Exemptions
        Net Assessment 528,849
        There is a homeowner's exemption for this property, implying that owner Fudem claims that this is his permanent, main home. Evans seems to own this property too.

      2. Assessor, APN 010-035-036-000

        Information as of Lien Date January 1st 2005
        Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 010-035-036-000
        Assessment Number 800-023-490-000
        [The APN and AN above are different.]
        Tax Rate Area (TRA) 004-051
        Current Document Number 2001IOWNER
        Current Document Date 10/29/2001
        Owner FUDEM MARK A >

      3. Sonoma County Assessor, APN 011-253-003-000

        Information as of Lien Date January 1st 2005
        Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 011-253-003-000
        Assessment Number 011-253-003-000
        [The APN and AN above are identical.]
        Tax Rate Area (TRA) 004-009
        Current Document Number 1986R062839
        Current Document Date 08/15/1986

      There may be one parcel in Sonoma county that was recently owned in the name of Noreen Evans:
      Assessor Information as of Lien Date January 1st 2005
      Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 180-710-021-000
      Assessment Number 180-710-021-000
      Tax Rate Area (TRA) 004-001
      Current Document Number 2002R115788
      Current Document Date 08/02/2002
      Owner EVANS NOREEN
      Lot Size 0
      Roll Values
      Land 155,861
      Structure 379,988
      Total Land and Improvements 535,849
      Personal Property MH
      Business Property
      Homeowners Exemption (HOX) 7,000. She seems to claim to live here.
      Other Exemptions
      Net Assessment 528,849
      Owner Evans's homeowner exemption implies that she claims to live here. Fudems seems to own this property too. We guess that this is on Manzanita.

    7. Campaign $

      Evans campaign funds seem to have been paid to, or because of expenses of, her husband Mark Fudem.

  24. Gade

    2004 December 18, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Elizabeth L. Gade, Elizabeth Louise Gade
    bar association # 161495
    admitted to bar: December 14, 1992
    county: Sacramento
    Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP 555 Capitol Mall #1425 Sacramento, CA 95814-4602
    (916) 442-2952

    ELIZABETH L. GADE, age 41, 3970 BREUNER Avenue, SACRAMENTO CA 95819, (916)

  25. Hoffman


    Court officer Paul Hoffman, Paul Lindsey Hoffman, California lawyer 71244. Schonbrun DeSimone etal LLP, 723 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA, 90291, (310) 396-0731. Undergraduate School City Univ of New York - City College; New York NY. Law School New York Univ SOL; New York NY. 12/22/1976 Admitted to The State Bar of California.

    Maybe PAUL L HOFFMAN Born Jul 1951, 1907 VALLEY PARK AVE, HERMOSA BEACH, CA 90254.

  26. Steven Jay Ipsen, court officer (attorney at law) 2008jun12

    lawyer #126810. He was a board member of California's Bar Board of Governors (the agency which regulates California lawyers).

    Work Address 	Office of the District Attorney
    42011 4th St W, Ste 3
    Lancaster, CA, 93534 	
    Work Phone Number 	(661) 974-7775
    County 	Los Angeles 	
    Law School 	UCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
    12/11/1986 	became a California lawyer
    STEVEN J IPSEN born 1961-04-12 may have been in Mission Hills CA 91345.

    STEVEN J IPSEN Born 1962, 02/2003, 9345 SEPULVEDA BLVD NORTH HILLS, CA 91343.

    STEVEN J IPSEN Born 1962, 07/2005, 32950 DEERGLEN LN, SANTA CLARITA, CA 91310.

  27. 2004 December 18, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Bruce J. Hagel, Bruce Joseph Hagel
    bar association # 63531
    admitted to bar: January 10, 1975
    county: Sacramento
    Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP 555 Capitol Mall #1425 Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 442-2952

    BRUCE J. HAGEL, age 55, 4015 CAPITOLA HILLS Court, FAIR OAKS CA 95628, (916)

    born HAGEL BRUCE J 06/04/1949 MALE, mother HELLER, county MARIN

  28. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    Dennis Wayne Hargrave
    California bar # 145618
    county: Plumas
    Law Offfice Of Dennis Hargrave, PO Box 825 Chester, CA 96020-0825
    DENNIS W HARGRAVE, age 48, 8381 BULL MOUNTAIN CIR, ELK GROVE CA 95758, (916)
  29. Heinen

    2005 April 18, (mentioned in former URL Nancy Heinen, attorney at law. 2007apr24

    Nancy Regina Heinen
    415 Cervantes Road (between Shawnee Pass and Arapaho Court), Portola Valley CA 94028-7659, (415) 851-3051, (650) 851-5780.
    NANCY R. HEINEN, age 48, 415 CERVANTES ROAD, PORTOLA VALLEY CA 94028, (650);
    NANCY HEINEN, REDWOOD CITY CA 94062, (650) 529-0646.

  30. James Otto Heitling, president of the state bar of California 2005-2006, court officer (attorney at law), lawyer Number 68996, 2006may31.



    JAMES O HEITING (909) 780-8579

    JAMES O HEITING Born Mar 1972 15992 SUMMIT CREST DR RIVERSIDE, CA 92506 (951) 780-9726

    JAMES O HEITING, 3845 MARKET ST 10/05/2004 RIVERSIDE, CA 92501 (909) 780-8579

    JAMES O HEITING, 6090 LOOKOUT TER 04/15/2001 RIVERSIDE, CA 92505

    JAMES O HEITING 3845 MARKET ST RIVERSIDE, CA 92501 (951) 780-8579

  31. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    John W. Hicks
    John Walter Hicks
    California bar # 212262
    county: Sacramento
    Stockwell Harris Widom & Woolverton, 1545 River Park Dr #330, Sacramento, CA 95815
    (916) 924-1862
    JOHN W HICKS, 30, 3605 PULLMAN DR, SACRAMENTO CA 95827, (916)
  32. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)
    John R. Holstedt
    John Richard Holstedt
    California bar # 84142
    county: Sacramento
    Mastagni Holstedt et al 1912 I St #102 Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 446-4692

    born Cheyenne Wyoming, 24 November 1946
    JOHN R HOLSTEDT 1946-11-24 Sacramento CA

    JOHN R HOLSTEDT, age about 58 in 2004, 4106 DENA WAY, SACRAMENTO CA 95821-3008, (916) 973-1087

  33. 9 January 2004
    atorney at law (lawyer)
    Robert Wells Jarvis
    bar association # 34674
    county: Sacramento
    4720 American River Dr, Carmichael CA 95608
    (916) 978-9563
    Harvard University Law School, Cambridge MA USA
    ROBERT W. JARVIS, age 66, 4720 AMERICAN RIVER Drive, CARMICHAEL CA 95608, (916) 978956

  34. Court officer (attorney at law), 2005 July 18.

    Kim, Christine Ms. Palos Verdes Estat, CA 90274.
    She does not seem to be Christine S. Kim or C.S. Kim.
    CHRISTINE KIM, 3604 NAVAJO PL., PALOS VERDES PENINSULA CA 90274, (310) 378-18nn.
    Christine Kim, California attorney 170414.
    Mount Holyoke College, Boston Univ law school.

  35. 2004 December 3, attorney at law (lawyer)

    James D. Koontz
    James Donald Koontz
    California bar # 210092
    county: Stanislaus
    Griffith & Masuda, PO Box 510, Turlock, CA 95381-0510
    (209) 667-5501
    email: jkoontz at
    JAMES D KOONTZ, 2425 GREENBORO ST, TURLOCK CA 95382, (209) 634-9462

Home Addresses of People Most of Whom Are or Were Government Officers or Employees


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