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    8 April 2011

    Officers of cities in the county (for example, San Jose City) are on other pages. By the way, according to the city charter, the city's complete name is "City of San Jose", wihout diacritical marks. There is no accent mark over the "e" in "Jose."


    1. Introduction


      We have a page which lists every SCC (Santa Clara County) government officer in 2007 whose job title included "CORR." This list seems to include almost all correctional officers of 2007.

    2. DoC Officers


        He has been a C.O. and a president of the SCC CPOA (Santa Clara County Correctional Peace Officers Association) union. He was president before Everett Fitzgerald. Abbate is from Hawaii. He was born about 1959.

        As a C.O., he was suspended without pay for ten days in response to complaints from three C.O.s claiming that he had sexually harassed them.

        RICHARD T ABBATE Born 1959, 4718 FORD ST, BRENTWOOD, Contra Costa county, CA 94513

        17 February 2012
        34864 MISSION BLVD #06
        UNION CITY, CA  94587   (510) 770-1655
        39865 CEDAR BLVD #336
        NEWARK, CA  94560   (510) 567-3504
      2. CALABRESE

        He has been a C.O. and a SCC CPOA union vice president. Calabrese may be an Italian surname. William CALABRESE 2007apr13

        WILLIAM JAMES CALABRESE Born OCT 1963 2012feb17

        WILLIAM J CALABRESE Born Nov 1963, 522 RAILWAY AVE, 10/15/2003, CAMPBELL, CA 95008


        William Calabrese
        2955 Buckboard Road   Placerville 95667
        2014 March source:
      3. Clinton, Gary CORR LIEUTENANT $110,894.98
        1. Introduction 17 February 2012
        3. GARY G P CLINTON GARY G P CLINTON Born MAY 1950 1793 CRUCERO DR #1012 SAN JOSE, CA 95122 GARY G P CLINTON Born MAY 1950 380 LONE TREE RD HOLLISTER, CA 95023 (831) 637-0000 The last four digits are all zero. Thissuggests a possibly commercial or institutional, not residential, number. Gary G P Clinton 59 San Jose, CA Brighton, TN Mountain View, CA Moffett Field, CA Milpitas, CA San Juan Bautista, CA Hollister, CA
        4. GARY G CLINTON GARY G CLINTON Born May 1951 380 LONE TREE RD HOLLISTER, CA 95023 See Gary G P Clinton, above.
      4. Mark Cursi


        In 2006, he was a Department of Corrections spokesman.

        MARK A CURSI Born Oct 1959, 3395 PINEWOOD TER, 03/12/2002, FREMONT, Alameda county, CA 94536

        MARK A CURSI Born 1960, 7230 ORCHARD DR, 04/01/2006, GILROY, Santa Clara county, CA 95020 (408) 848-8284.

        17 February 2012
        MARK A CURSI Born  OCT 1959
        850 DEARBORN PL
        GILROY, CA  95020   (408) 848-8284
        MARK A CURSI Born  OCT 1959
        591 VERONA PL
        HOLLISTER, CA  95023
        Birth MARK CURSI 1959-10-30, has lived in Gilroy (garlic capital of the world) CA 95020.

        Born CURSI MARK A 10/30/1959 MALE, mother MATTE, county SANTA CLARA. >

      5. Robert Durr 2007apr13

        He has been a C.O.

        17 February 2012
        ROBERT MICHAEL DURR Born  OCT 1963
        1592 KOOSER RD #4
        SAN JOSE, CA  95118   (408) 267-3163
        ROBERT M DURR 1963-10-15 San Jose CA
        ROBERT S DURR, 268 FRANCISCAN DR, 05/21/2003, DANVILLE, Contra Costa county, CA 94526

        ROBERT M DURR Born Oct 1963, 268 FRANCISCAN DR, 07/21/2004, DANVILLE, CA 94526


        Birth ROBERT M DURR 1963-10-15, may have lived in San Jose CA 95129.

      6. Everett Fitzgerald
        1. Introduction


          He's been a SCC POA (Santa Clara County Correctional Peace Officers Association) union president. He may have been president after Richard Abbate. Fitzgerald may possibly have been a DoC C.O. Fitzgerald's "Fitz" prefix is Irish.

          He may recently have been on the PORAC board of directors. We have a PORAC artivle elsewhere in our California pages.

        2. California: Santa Clara and Alameda Counties
            EVERETT L FITZGERALD Born  1965
            998 LIPPERT AVE
            FREMONT, Alameda County, CA  94539
            [PO Box?] 14976
            FREMONT, Alameda County, CA  94539   (510) 494-9941
            998 PO BOX 14976
            [998 is the beginnning of the Lippert Avenue address.]
            FREMONT, CA  94539   (510) 945-9680
            The addresses above are in Alameda County.
            The addresses below are in Santa Clara County.
            1410 YOSEMITE DR
            MILPITAS, Santa Clara County, CA  95035   (408) 945-9680
            There is a county jail in Milpitas.
            2271 SHIBLEY AVE
            SAN JOSE, CA  95125
            1310 N 4TH ST
            SAN JOSE, CA  95112   (408) 392-8877
            2390 LUCRETIA AVE #802
            SAN JOSE, CA  95122   (408) 292-6627
            2050 MCKEE RD #103
            SAN JOSE, CA  95116   (408) 292-6627
            1355 EDEN AVE
            SAN JOSE, CA  95117   (408) 945-9680
            4643 PALOMA AVE
            SAN JOSE, CA  95111   (408) 292-6627
            SAN JOSE, CA  95116   (510) 494-9941
            Recent neighbors of Fitzgerald may include:
            1. Margaret Watson, Librarian, Alameda Co Californi; 283 Fernald Ct, Fremont, CA 94539.
            2. Ms. Carolyn Lafollette, Supervisory Contract Specialis, Nasa. Ames Research; 47025 Yucatan Dr, Fremont, CA 94539.
        3. California Far From San Jose
          There are other, California addresses for people named "Everett Fitzgerald".
          People with that name seem to have lived:
          On Bennett Valley Road and on Charro Cresent, both in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County,
          which is at the north of San Francisco Bay
          in Madera 93637, which is very south of San Jose;
          and in Encinitas 92024, which is further south, near San Diego.
          2014 March source:
      7. Gong
        1. Introduction


          Steven Gong: a sergeant of the Office of Sheriff working for the DoC as a supervisor.

          He was involved, not necessarily wrongly, in a prisoner's death in a DoC jail. The county government, not necessarily rightly, punished him (as far as we know, for how he supervised, for supposedly excessive force, and other, supposed misconduct). This punishment lead to a legal dispute. The eventual result of the dispute was, as far as we know, Gong's victory: he was not punished. We do not know the facts or merits of the dispute; for example, we do not know if he did wrong. The county government paid between one and two million dollars to the dead prisoner's family.

          The prisoner was being processed as a new prisoner at the main jail. To crudely oversimplify the county's theory of what happened as well as we understand that theory: the prisoner behaved wrongly, Gong responded wrongly.


          STEVEN K. GONG, 30 EUCLID AVE., 10/05/2004, LOS GATOS, Santa Clara County, CA 95030 (408) 354-7833.

          STEVEN K. GONG Born Apr 1952, 443 CORINTHIA DR., MILPITAS, Santa Clara County, CA 95035. Milpitas has a county jail. The Gong at this address was born: GONG STEVEN K 04/08/1952 MALE, mother WONG, county SAN JOAQUIN. Gong is a Chinese surname.

        2. Possible, Recent Addresses
          17 February 2012
          STEVE KANSAKO GONG Born  JUL 1965
          708 BICKNELL RD
          LOS GATOS, CA  95030   (408) 354-6450
          STEVEN K GONG Born  APR 1952
          3059 VIA DEL SOL
          SAN JOSE, CA  95132
          STEVEN G GONG Born  FEB 1958
          2822 AGUA VISTA DR
          SAN JOSE, CA  95132   (408) 257-3879
          STEVEN G GONG Born  FEB 1958
          1063 MILLER AVE
          SAN JOSE, CA  95129   (408) 725-8501
      8. Gruszecki

        Marcin Gruszecki


        In Main Jail, C.O. Marcin Gruszecki has worked in a direct supervision module.

        Supposedly, union president Abbate filed criminal charges against Gruszecki for supposedly stealing eight thousand dollars. Abbate supposedly accused Gruszecki. We do not know if Abbate's statements were true. We do not know if Gruszecki stole or did anything wrong.

        MARCIN Z. GRUSZECKI Born Jul 1954, 4674 MONTMARTRE PARK CT, 06/14/2000, FREMONT, CA 94538.

        17 February 2012
        MARCIN Z GRUSZECKI Born  JUL 1954
        3984 WASHINGTON BLVD #341
        FREMONT, CA  94538
        2014mar People surnamed ""Gruszecki" may have lived in: Roseville, in the 916 area code; Los Angeles, in the 213 areq code; and South Gate, in the 323 area code. 2014 March source:
      9. Ismeal

        Correctional officer ISMEAL 2007may3

        A correctional officer (not Ismael) supposedly had sex with a prisoner, and Ismael supposedly, was involved.

        Former URL mentioned Ismeal. MUOAZ M ISMEAL, 7560 CANYON MEADOW CIR, PLEASANTON, CA 94588

      10. JILLO

        Lieutenant John Jillo 2007mar2

        JOHN JILLO, 146 LAS ASTAS DR, 09/01/2005, LOS GATOS, CA 95032.

        JOHN S JILLO Born 1964, 894 BING DR, SANTA CLARA, CA 95051.

        John Jillo, 2000, 100 Aurora Lane.

        JOHN S JILLO birth 1964-05-06, may have lived in Sunnyvale CA 94087.

        There's always room for Jillo.

        On 2 March 2007, the website says that Lt. John Jillo works for the City (not County) of Santa Clara. We don't know who told manta this. As far as we know, Jillo works for the Department of Correction of the County, not City, of Santa Clara.

        John Jillo
        P.O. Box 100   Los Gatos 95031
        408-896-6934   408-370-1826
        2014 March source:
      11. C.O. Mike Lombardo


        We are not certain that he works for the county's DoC.

        MIKE LOMBARDO, 1043 LOVOI WAY, 08/14/2002, SAN JOSE, CA 95125.

        Some recent neighbors of Lombardo may include:

        1. Ms. Susan Devencenzi, Attorney, City Of San Jose; 1015 Franquette Ave, San Jose, CA 95125.
        2. Angelique Gaeta, ATTORNEY, OFFICE OF THE CITY ATTORNEY, SAN; 1146 Pascoe Ave, San Jose, CA 95125.

      12. Stan Kendrick


        Memory Lane Addresses

        1. 541

          STANLEY H KENDRICK Born 1957, 541 [not 757] MEMORY LN, 10/05/2004, BOULDER CREEK, CA 95006.

          831-338-3419. 2014 March phone source:

        2. 757

          STANLEY H KENDRICK Born Aug 1957, 757 [not 541] MEMORY LN, 01/25/2002, BOULDER CREEK, CA 95006 (831) 338-2010.

        STANLEY H KENDRICK, (510) 534-9349

        STANLEY H KENDRICK Born 1957, 2560 ORCHARD PKWY, 01/25/2002, SAN JOSE, CA 95131.

        born KENDRICK STANLEY J, 07/23/1955, MALE, mother PALMER, ALAMEDA county.

      13. Rick Kitson, spokesperson for DoC


        RICHARD G KITSON Born 1958, 1629 BLACKHAWK DR, 08/08/2003 SUNNYVALE, CA 94087.

        RICK KITSON 1629 BLACKHAWK DR 10/05/2004 SUNNYVALE, CA 94087 (408) 830-0607

        name, birth date, possible residence
        RICHARD  	   	G KITSON  	1958-06-09  	San Jose  	CA  	95129
        RICHARD 	  	KITSON 	1958-06-09 	Santa Cruz 	CA 	95062
        RICHARD 	  	G KITSON 	1958-06-09 	Monterey 	CA 	93940
        Born KITSON RICHARD G 06/09/1958 MALE, mother CARROLL, county SANTA CLARA.

        Recent neighbors may include: 575 E HOMESTEAD RD, 94087, MarkC. St. John, Teacher, Fremont Union High School Dist.

        Someone named "Richard Kitson" seems to have lived in Carmel. This is very south of Santa Clara County. 2014mar.

      14. officer Dianne Lipscomb


      15. Ed Meyers


        He has been a C.O. and an SCC CPOA union treasurer. Meyers supposedly took a vacation to Mexico while on union-funded release time. According to our understanding (which could be wrong) of release time, union officials are granted time off with pay by the county from their regular C.O. jobs to do union business.

      16. Nguyen
        LONG NGUYEN,
        SANTA CLARA COUNTY.  Q1/2004,
        George W. Bush,
        $2,000.  generous
        4597 PACIFIC RIM WAY, SAN JOSE, California, USA. Nguyen can be a Vietnamese name.
        LONG V NGUYEN Born Apr 1943, 4597 PACIFIC RIM WAY 03/12/2002 SAN JOSE, CA 95121.

        People with similar names have lived in southern California. People with similar names, born in April 1943, may have lived in Texas.

        Recent neighbors may include:
        4235 Partridge Dr, 95121, Ronald Brooks, Assistant Chief / Police Officer, Calif. Dept. Of Justice Bureau O, 2004 RNC $250.

      17. Joe Nguyen

        born about 1977. Nguyen is a Vietnamese name.


      18. PERETTI


        Bryan Peretti has been a spokesman of the DoC. He may also have been a training officer or worked in a training unit of the DoC.

        "A" and "B" both appear as his middle initial in the address information below. The birth date information below has "A" as his middle initial.


        BRYAN A PERETTI, 1100 CULLIGAN BLVD, 04/01/2005, SAN JOSE, CA 95120

        BRYAN B PERETTI, 1130 EL PRADO CT, 07/25/2003, SAN JOSE, CA 95120

        BRYAN A PERETTI Born Jul 1963, 1130 EL PRADO CT, 05/21/2003, SAN JOSE, CA 95120

        BRYAN PERETTI, 1133 COOPER RIVER DR, 03/12/2002, SAN JOSE, CA 95126

        name, birth date, possible residence
        BRYAN  	   	A PERETTI  	1962-10-05  	San Jose  	CA  	95126
        BRYAN 	  	A PERETTI 	1962-10-05 	Northridge 	CA 	91325
        Northridge is in Los Angeles County.
        Both records immediately abpve show "A" as th emiddle initial.
      19. Mary Sheffield has been a C.O.
        MARY E SHEFFIELD Born  DEC 1953
        411 PARK AVE #118
        SAN JOSE, CA  95110
        (408) 498-6487
        This building may also have been an address of:
        	Crivello, Thomas Robert
        	SHERIFF CORR OFFICER $88,309.46
        	THOMAS R CRIVELLO Born  DEC 1970
        	411 PARK AVE #303
        	SAN JOSE, CA  95110   (408) 842-7202

        Sheffield may be an English surname.

        Recent neighbors may include:
        1. Beverly Canali Probate Referees BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 595 PARK AVE #310 SAN JOSE, CA 95110 (408) 286-6515 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 915 REGENT DR LOS ALTOS, CA 94024 (415) 964-9336 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 169 GLADYS AVE MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94043 (408) 873-0625 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 333 W SANTA CLARA ST #612 SAN JOSE, CA 95113 (408) 286-9700 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 1478 S BERNARDO AVE SUNNYVALE, CA 94087 (408) 964-9336 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 4981 HARRISON ST NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA 95660 (408) 286-9700 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 1570 THE ALAMEDA #224 SAN JOSE, CA 95126 (408) 964-9336 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 111 W SAINT JOHN ST #902 SAN JOSE, CA 95113 (408) 964-9336 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 11602 SEVEN SPRINGS DR CUPERTINO, CA 95014 (408) 873-0625 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 101 SHELL DR #102 WATSONVILLE, CA 95076 (831) 761-1461 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 101 #102 WATSONVILLE, CA 95076 (408) 873-0625 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 861 E EL CAMINO REAL MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94040 (650) 967-3059 BEVERLY J CANALI Born NOV 1933 175 GLADYS AVE #12 MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94043
        2. Robert H Harmssen Probate Referees; 595 Park Ave, San Jose, CA 95110.
      20. Walker


        Gail Walker born about 1948. Walker may be an English surname.

        name, birth, possible residence
        GAIL  	   	K WALKER  	1948-04-25  	Los Altos  	CA  	94024
        GAIL  	   	L WALKER  	1950-12-09  	Palo Alto  	CA  	94306
      21. Wood

        Sergeant Dan Wood. 2007mar3

    3. Discussion of the Early DoC

      1. Introduction


        The account below is written from memory and describes and interprets events of about two decades ago. The account is not necessarily perfect.

      2. The Court Case

        Robert Winters was sheriff when a pro-prisoner court case flourished in Santa Clara County Superior Court, a trial court. The judge was Bruce Allen. Prisoners lived in county jails, which were owned by the county government and operated by the county sheriff. The plaintiff claimed that prisoners were treated illegally by the county government. The case had merit. Winters testified truthfully and fullly cooperated with the court. Winters testified that, because he could not violate an itemized budget approved by the Board of Supervisors, he could not spend money in a way that would have provided prisoners with that to which they wre entitled. A result of the court case was that the county Board of Supervisors (the county government equivalent of a city council) was shown to be treating prisoners illegally. This showing caused much trouble for the Board; for example, the court found the supervisors in contempt of court (although the supervisors won the contempt matter on appeal[which victory was because of the supervisors' political power, not because of legal merit in their appeal, we guess]). If the supervisors had lost their appeal, they would have had to go to jail as prisoners for their contempt. The supervisors were infuriated by the sheriff's brazen truthfulness and concerned that he might cause more trouble for them by continuing to fully cooperate with the court; for example, by continuing to truthfully testify about prisoner life in the county jail system. The sheriff was elected by the voters, so the Board couldn't fire him. However, the Board had no duty to let the sheriff run the jail.

      3. Birth of the County DoC

        The Board created California's first, county DoC (department of correction), appointed a yes-man to run it (who knew he could be fired by the Board), and had the DoC run the jail. The DoC hired many people, almost all without correctional experience, to work as C.O.s. Because of the large number of new people hired to work as C.O.s, the average amount of experience per C.O. dropped very low. In an ordinary jail, a new C.O. works with experienced colleagues who teach him in about how to do his job. In the DoC of the late 1980s and early 1990s, because of the huge influx of new C.O.s to replace sheriff's deputies, there often were new C.O.s working together, none of whom knew the right way to do his job. The blind led the blind. The resulting ineptness and misconduct by C.O.s frequently resulted in violations of prisoners' rights. This was a forseeable, even inevitable result of rapidly hiring many new C.O.s to replace deputies sheriff. If the hiring of new C.O.s had been more gradual, there would have been far fewer violations of prisoners' rights. Howeverm the Board of Supervisors urgently wanted to minimize the power of the sheriff and his deputies in the jail.

        The sheriff no longer ran the jail. Sheriff's deputies workin in the jail were told that they could continue to work in the jail if they agreed to become DoC C.O.s instead of deputies sheriff. A sheriff's deputy is a kind of police officer. A DoC C.O. was not even a peace officer as that term is defined by California state law. To the deputies workin in the jail, a DoC C.O. therefore was much lower than a police officer.

        The DoC's director seems to have avoided doing anything that might antagonize the Board or cause court problems for county government employees.

        By the way, state law sets minimum requirements to be a peace officer. The DoC's C.O.s did not meet those requirements. As a result, they were C.O.s but not peace officers. As a result, they were not allowed to carry guns, as far as we know.

      4. The D.A.'s Investigation

        Some C.O.s did crime in the jail; for example, some of the C.O.s criminally took drugs (especially steroids, supposedly to increase musculature) and some distributed drugs to other C.O.s. The D.A. found out about, and decided to do something about, the drug crimes. The D.A. did not have confidence in the DoC's I.A. (internal affairs) personnel, the people who are supposed to investigate crime by DoC officers. Therefore, instead of relying on the DoC's I.A., the D.A. had his own staff investigate the steroid use. Incidentally, it is significant that the D.A. did not have confidence in the DoC's I.A. personnel. The lack of confidence suggested that no one else should have had confidence in DoC I.A. either.

        The D.A.'s staff used a C.O. as a C.I. (confidential informant), secretly reporting to a D.A. investigator. The D.A. confided to the DoC director (who was then running the jail instead of sheriff Winters) about the secret investigation of his C.O.s then in progress. The director promptly blabbed, all the C.O.s found out, the investigation thus was destroyed. This angered the D.A. The C.O.s somehow learned (maybe they figured out by themselves) who the C.I. was. That C.O. got paid leave. He was paid but did not go to work. He was allowed to stay home for fear that, if he were in the jail, some of his fellow C.O.s would physically injure him. The concern was not that he might not be invited to go drinking with his colleagues or might not be invited to parties. Management's concern, which was realistic, was that he would be violently attacked by his fellow C.O.s. Management was concerned that Santa Clara County C.O.s might do violent crime against someone who had helped investigate their drug crimes. The D.A. caused many people to learn that the DoC director had rendered worhtless an criminal investigation of DoC C.O.s. The D.A. initially had mistrusted D.O. I.A. and eventually mistrusted the DoC director also.

        The sheriff lost much power (in particular, control of the jail) because he ratted on the Board. The C.I., who was supposed to rat on C.O.s doing drug crimes, got in trouble because the director blabbed.

      5. Corroboration

        For corroboration and further information, the best sources of information are court records of the case in which Winters testified, and county government records related to the creation of the DoC.


    1. ARRIOLA

      Christopher J. Arriola born in southern California, worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, then for the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office.
      CHRISTOPHER J ARRIOLA, age 34, may have lived at:

      1. Santa Clara County
        1. South 4TH ST, SAN JOSE CA 95112 and
        2. CRISTINA AVE, SAN JOSE CA 95125.
          1. Los Angeles County 2014mar Christopher Arriola 466 E 32nd Street Los Angeles 90011 323-235-3906 2014 March source:
    2. District Atorney Dolores Ann CARR


      She ran for Santa Clara County Judge in 2000 and seems to have been a judge for the six years 2001-2006. Dolores Ann Carr, lawyer #94406, now is SCC District Attorney.

      DELORES CARR Born Aug 1955, 306 PARK VICTORIA D, 11/17/1999, MILPITAS, CA 95035

      DELORES CARR, 1065 LINCOLN AVE, 03/12/2002, SAN JOSE, CA 95125.

    3. KENNEDY

      18 December 2003

      SANTA CLARA County, California, former District Attorney George Kennedy, who was in the District Attorney's Office for 31 years, may be:
      George W. Kennedy, age 58, 320 Johnson Avenue, Los Gatos CA 95030-6220.

    4. Rosen
      1. Introduction 21 October 2012

        Jeffrey Francis Rosen District Attorney

      2. Court Officer: Attorney Jeffrey Francis Rosen - #163589 District Attorney Santa Clara County 70 W Hedding St Wing San Jose, CA 95110 Phone Number: (408) 792-2855 Fax Number: Not Available e-mail: Jrosen [AT] County: Santa Clara Undergraduate School: Univ of California at Los Angeles; CA District: District 6 Sections: None Law School: UC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA Status History Effective Date Status Change Present Active 1/21/1993 Admitted to The State Bar of California
      3. Possible Date of Birth Jeffrey F Rosen 1967-08-02 resided Berkeley CA Rosen, Jeffrey F 08/02/1967 Male born Los Angeles County
    5. Sibley: James Blake Sibley
      1. Introduction 23 October 2012 Deputy District Attorney James Blake Sibley source: Chief Narcotics Prosecutor judgepedia::com: unsuccessful candidate for Superior Court judge in Santa Cruz County
      2. Court Officer: Attorney James Blake Sibley - #150833 State Bar of California Bar Number: 150833 Address: Ofc District Attorney 70 W Hedding St San Jose, CA 95110 Phone Number: (408) 299-7556 Fax Number: Not Available e-mail: County: Santa Clara Undergraduate School: Univ of California San Diego; La Jolla CA District: District 6 Sections: None Law School: Western Sierra Law School; San Diego CA Status History Effective Date Status Change Present Active 12/4/1990 Admitted to The State Bar of California
      3. Possible, Recent Address source: James B Sibley Jr 333 Sims Rd Santa Cruz, CA 95060-1327 Age: 50-54 James S Sibley Home (408) 629-3016 4300 The Woods Dr, Apt 1803 San Jose, CA 95136-3823 Age: 65+ source: James B Sibley 1712 Country Club Dr Escondido, CA 92029 (760) 746-9655
    6. SINUNU

      Karyn Sinunu-Towery

      (former?) (Assistant or Deputy) District Attorney Karyn (born Karen) Sinunu


      KARYN K SINUNU Born 1947, may recently have lived at 1555 EMORY ST, SAN JOSE, CA 95126.

      APN: 274-08-027
      Billing Address: 1555 EMORY ST, SAN JOSE, CA, 95126-2018
      Document No. 19282997, Transfer Date 01 / 30 / 2007
      Document Type GRANT DEED
      Tax Default Date n/a
      Tax Rate Area: 17-108
      Net Assessed Value
      Land $ 236,310
      Fixtures $ 0
      Homeowner $ 7,000
      Improvements $ 248,747
      Structure $ 0
      Other $ 0
      Total $ 485,057
      Personal Prop. $ 0
      $ 7,000
      $ 0
      $ 478,057

      Karyn Kruttschni (possibly a truncated middle name) Sinunu, California lawyer #121068. She attended Mills College, Oakland CA.

      When she ran for district attorney in 2006, she voluntarily provided information to the public. She wanted the public to know certain information when deciding for whom to vote in 2006. She lost the election.

        Karyn is a mother and grandmother. Karyn was born in the San Francisco Bay area Karyn had two children. Karyn's daughter Melissa is an educational software company's COO and the mother of five-year-old twins. Karyn's son, Alex [Alexander J. Sinunu], teaches school in San Francisco. Karyn's brother is a police sergeant [possibly born KRUTTSCHNITT OLIVER 11/14/1942 MALE, mother MACLERIE, county SAN JOAQUIN; who may recently have lived in Burlingame (OLIVER O KRUTTSCHNITT Born 1942, 752 CROSSWAY RD, BURLINGAME, CA 94010) or Sonora (OLIVER KRUTTSCHNITT, 22055 FALLVIEW LN, SONORA, CA 95370)]. Karyn's sister is a criminology professor at the University of Minnesota, which is a government-owned university. [The sister may have been born KRUTTSCHNITT CANDACE M 06/09/1951 FEMALE, mother MACLERIE, county LOS ANGELES. She may be CANDACE K KRUTTSCHNITT Born 1951, 132 NINA ST, 12/14/2004, SAINT PAUL, MN 55102, (651) 227-2771.]

      According to our information about Karyn's birth record, Karyn was born KRUTTSCHNITT KAREN [born Karen, not Karyn] L 06/23/1947 FEMALE, mother MACLERIE, county SAN FRANCISCO. Karyn was born Karen.

      She may possibly have been related to court officer James Najeeb Sinunu, California lawyer #62802; for example, as his wife. He may work in San Francisco and have lived at JAMES N SINUNU Born 1946, 1555 EMORY ST, 01/25/2002, SAN JOSE, CA 95126. Najeeb is an Arabic, male name. He may have been born SINUNU JAMES N 10/28/1946 MALE, mother GILLILAND, county LOS ANGELES.


    1. Kathy Duque was Deputy Chief Probation Officer of Santa Clara County in January 2004. 2007apr23

      KATHY DUQUE Born 1955, 5165 SUNNY CREEK PL, SAN JOSE, CA 95135.

      Kathy Duquesne
      840 Guadalupe Parkway  San Jose
      2014 March source:

      Born DUQUE KATHY J 02/14/1955 FEMALE, mother LEMASTER, county LOS ANGELES.

    2. Deputy Probation Officer Bernie Rocha, Santa Clara County Probation Department 2007apr10

      BERNIE V ROCHA Born Feb 1972, 10521 MCDOUGALL ST, 08/14/2002, CASTROVILLE, CA 95012 (831) 633-9229

      BERNIE V ROCHA Born Feb 1972, 13342 BRISA DE MAR, 03/12/2002, CASTROVILLE, CA 95012

      BERNIE V ROCHA Born Feb 1972, 1660 IRIS ST, 04/06/2004, HOLLISTER, CA 95023

      Someone named Bernadine M. Rocha seems to have lived in Newman, in zip code 95360.


    1. Introduction

      Many civilians call this office the Sheriff's Department.
      8 April 2011
    2. Officers

      1. 2008jun15
        Brady, Gary Joe SHERIFF'S SERGEANT $127,147.27

        He may have retired in 2007 after 28 years with the Office of Sheriff.

        Maybe GARY J BRADY born in 1956-01-11 was in San Jose CA 95148.

        Jacques Drive

        GARY J BRADY Born 1958 -- 08/2003, 5990 JACQUES DR SAN JOSE, CA 95123

        GARY J BRADY Born 1957, 10/2004, 5990 JACQUES DR SAN JOSE, CA 95123 (408) 225-5506

        GARY J BRADY Born 1977, 10/2004, 5990 JACQUES DR SAN JOSE, CA 95123 (408) 225-5506. Someone with a similar name may possibly have been born BRADY GARY J 02/06/1977 MALE, mother BRACE, county SANTA CLARA.



      2. 2008jun15

        Bruno, John Gary SHERIFF CORR OFFICER $133,663.24

        JOHN G BRUNO Born Oct 1964, 07/2003, 2111 JEFFERSON WAY ANTIOCH, Contra Costa County, CA 94509 (925) 754-7725, (925) 757-1530. JOHN G BRUNO born 1964-10-06 was in Antioch CA 94509. BRUNO JOHN G was born 10/06/1964 MALE, mother WALTHER, county CONTRA COSTA.

        JOHN G BRUNO 11/2003, 5160 DOMENGINE WAY ANTIOCH, CA 94531 (925) 757-1530

        JOHN G BRUNO 597 LA SATA DR BRENTWOOD, Contra Costa County, CA 94513 (925) 240-5572

        JOHN G BRUNO 08/2003, 4875 STARFLOWER DR MARTINEZ, Contra Costa County, CA 94553

        JOHN G BRUNO Born Feb 1965, 09/2003, 456 BUNKER LN PLEASANTON, Alameda County, CA 94566.

      3. 2008jun15

        Cooper, Gary Arthur SHERIFF CORR OFFICER $82,557.39

        GARY A COOPER 1537 KOCH LN SAN JOSE, CA 95125 (408) 723-1589

        GARY A COOPER Born Sep 1958, 06/2000, 2593 BRIARWOOD DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95125

        GARY A COOPER Born 1955, 01/2004, 143 PALOMA AVE PACIFICA, San Mateo County, CA 94044 (650) 359-3311.

      4. DONA

        Detective Carlos Dona 2006nov14

        CARLOS B DONA, 1542 CHABOT WAY, 05/01/2006, SAN JOSE, CA 95122 Santa Clara County (408) 926-2359

        born DONA CARLOS B 10/08/1953 MALE, mother MORENO, county LOS ANGELES

      5. 2008jun15
        Fettig, Gary SHERIFF CORR OFFICER $83,823.72

        Possible addresses follow.

        GARY W FETTIG Born 1958, 03/2002, 945 GRANDE VIIA, MORGAN HILL, CA 95037. We cannot find this on a map.

        GARY W FETTIG Born 1958, 945 VIA GRANDE, MORGAN HILL, CA 95037-4024, which may be at the end of the road.

        GARY FETTIG 01/2001, 3466 BON AIR CT, SAN JOSE, CA 95117.
        GARY W FETTIG born 1957-10-15 was in San Jose CA 95117.
        GARY W FETTIG born 1957-10-15 was in San Jose CA 95123

        Someone with that name may be a deacon at West Hills Community Church, 16695 DeWitt Ave., Morgan Hill CA 95037.

      6. Deputy KLAVER


        He was hired by the Sheriff's Department in 1983. He has worked and asked to work in the south of Santa Clara County, where he lives.

        K W KLAVER Born 1943, 11930 COLUMBET AVE, 04/01/2005, GILROY, CA 95020. (408) 779-8059. Gilroy is in the south of the county.

      7. 2008jun15

        Marichalar, Gary SHERIFF CORR OFFICER $92,696.09

        GARY G. MARICHALAR, Born Aug 1962, 05/2003, 209 CLAREVIEW AVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95127-2456. East of Alum Rock Avenue, south of Fleming Avenue, in or near Alum Rock neighborhood.

        Born MARICHALAR GARY G 08/09/1962 MALE, mother TAMEZ, county SANTA CLARA.

        Maybe in 2005: Gary Marichalar. Department of Correction. Sheriff's Correctional Officer. Elmwood jail.

      8. Deputy sheriff Serg Palanov


        He's been a spokesman for the Office of Sheriff. In 1998, he drove a BMW: Serg Palanov; BMW 530i; home town Los Gatos.
        (sponsors in an auto driving tournament?) Hella, Autoscene,

        Sergey "SERG" PALANOV Born 1971, 405 PINEHURST AVE, 03/05/2002 SERG PALANOV, LOS GATOS, CA 95032 (408) 371-6742

        SERG PALANOV Born 1971, 1066 WELCH AVE, 03/12/2002, SAN JOSE, CA 95117.

        SERGEY "Serg" PALANOV Born 1971, 541 LUNETA DR, 01/25/2002, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93405. This is not close to San Jose.

        Serg Palanov
        405 Pinehurst Avenue   Los Gatos 95031
        408 3716742123
        [This is a a long telephine number.]
        Serg Palanov
        4951 Cherry Avenue   San Jose 95118
        2014 March source:
      9. Laurie R. SMITH - Sheriff

        white woman, dark eyes, blonde hair almost to shoulders. The county Sheriff's office hired her in 1973.

        Her husband is Brannan T. Smith, a retired San Jose Police Department officer. She has one child, Shannon, who is 16.

        Laurie R. Smith may possibly live at:
        518 Everett Avenue
        Palo Alto 94301-1561
        phone (650) 323-6586
        and at:
        2160 Monterey Drive
        South Lake Tahoe

      10. 2008jun15

        Zimmerman, Gary DEPUTY SHERIFF $82,847.50

        GARY R ZIMMERMAN Born 1965, 03/2006, 306 BRIAN CT SAN JOSE, CA 95123, (408) 226-4373.
        GARY R ZIMMERMAN born 1965-04-20 was in San Jose CA 95123.

        GARY ZIMMERMAN Born Sep 1951, 10/2004, 245 RAILROAD AVE SAN MATEO, San Mateo County, CA 94401.

        GARY A ZIMMERMAN born 1951-10-19 was in Burlingame, San Mateo County, CA 94010.

    3. Divisions and offices

      1. CUPERTINO
        1. Deputy Chad Oberlander may posibly be:
          Chad M. Oberlander, 32 years old (8 Nov. 2003),
          11800 Foothill Avenue
          Gilroy, CA 95020-9226.

          He made 51 DUI arrests last year while working the Midnight Shift in Cupertino.

          born OBERLANDER CHAD M 07/13/1971 MALE, mother LUNDY, county SANTA CLARA

        2. Sgt. Mark Eastus may possibly be Mark A. Eastus, 50 years old.
          875 Chesapeake Place
          Gilroy, CA 95020-6302.
          born EASTUS MARK A 05/11/1953 MALE, mother SMITH, county MARIN
        3. Eileen Phares

          white woman, white-gray hair. Her region is all the schools in Cupertino along with Deputy Janet Shannon (described below). Phares works 4 days, 10 hours daily. Hours are flexible. She works in evenings sometimes. She is a single mother. Phares visits her siblings (2 brothers in Southern California) and they visit her. Does needle work or embroidery, also enjoys camping and skiing. Birth EILEEN C PHARES 1952-02-27, possibly has lived in San Jose CA 95121.

          Deputy Janet Shannon (partner of Eileen Phares, described above) white woman, brown hair and eyes, bangs, earrings. Freckles? works in Cupertino. 40 Hours a week. gardening and bike riding with her kids. likes music. Soccer. Likes little crafts things.


        Los Altos Hills is in the west valley division.

        1. Donald K. Morrissey may possibly be 29 years old,

          2175 COASTLAND AVE, SAN JOSE CA 95125-2610.

          He has badge #1689, white man, clean-shaven, (brown?) hair. Hired 03-22-99. works in Los Altos Hills. born and raised in San Jose, married in 1994, has 2 kids, lives in the Cambrian [Park?] neighborhood of San Jose city (near zip code 95124). He works the midnight shift in Los Altos Hills, working Sunday through Wednesday.

        2. Deputy Jason Brown

          #1688, white man, clean-shaven, (brown?) hair. Los Altos Hills-Swing Shift. deputy for the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office for nearly 3 years. working in Los Altos Hills since January 2001. baseball, going golfing, or just visiting friends. No family to speak of. Before work as a Deputy, worked in a grocery store in the Lake Tahoe area.

        3. Deputy Jeff McCoy

          #1579 white man, clean-shaven glasses, bald. Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. Los Altos Hills-Swing Shift. Deputy McCoy is a 15-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office, hired in 1985. Deputy McCoy works in the West Valley Patrol Division. He is dedicated to Los Altos Hills, working swing shift. He is also a 10-year member of the sheriff's Crowd Control Unit. Navy Reserve. He is married and has two children. Both are Honor Roll students at their schools.

        4. Rubin Medina

          #1650 white (Hispanic?) man, clean-shaven glasses, bald Los Altos Hills. 33 years old, married 4 years with two daughters ages 3 and 1 1/2 years. Grew up in Monterey county, graduated from San Jose State in 1991 with a BS in Criminal Justice. Has worked for the Sheriff's Office for 3 years. Worked in Los Altos Hills for 2 years and now starting third year. Works the midnight shift. Has a motorcycle. Parents live in Castroville, California.

          born MEDINA RUBIN 09/17/1972 MALE, mother VALLES, county LOS ANGELES

        5. Louis Valdez

          #1507 white (Hispanic?) man, clean-shaven, dark and white hair Los Altos Hills. 52 years old, married with grandchildren. Born in Trinidad town of Colorado, and moved to San Francisco in 1957. Vietnam vet. Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. With the department for seventeen years. Worked the past six years at the West Valley Patrol Division. Five of these six years, worked in Los Altos Hills on day shift working Friday, Saturday and Sunday there. Hobbies are baseball, football, hockey, basketball and golf. Enjoys traveling. Enjoys spending time with his relatives at Disneyland.

        6. Deputy Jeff S. Hunter

          #1545 white man, overweight, dark hair. Town of Los Altos Hills. Born in Los Altos Hills, California. Hired by sherifff's department in 1985. Working in Los Altos Hills for 8 years. Lives with his family in Scotts Valley. He has 3 kids: two daughters (both of whom are on soccer teams), Brittany & Michelle, and one son (about kindergarten age), Morgan.
          JEFFREY S. HUNTER, age 44, 117 SAN AUGUSTINE WAY, SCOTTS VALLEY CA 95066-3412.


        The sheriff's department has a West Valley Division: Santa Clara County Sheriff's West Valley Division.

        1. Bacon

          Captain in charge of the West Valley Division is Captain Dennis Bacon, who may possibly be Dennis W. Bacon, and who may possibly live at:
          144 Sprucemont Place
          San Jose 95139-1353.

          Birth DENNIS W BACON 1953-02-13, possibly lived in San Jose CA 95139.

        2. Smedlund

          The second in command is Lieutenant Ernie Smedlund, who may posibly be:
          Ernest H. Smedllund
          15450 Calle Enrique
          Morgan Hill 95037-5616.

        3. Deputy Kevin Greig

          Born GREIG KEVIN M 04/22/1952 MALE, mother MCCHESNEY, county SANTA CLARA .

        4. Hirokawa
          1. Introduction 28 October 2012 Former Sgt., now Chief of Correction, John Hirokawa He has been Undersheriff.
            John K [Kato?] Hirokawa
            20132 Chateau Dr
            Saratoga, CA 95070-4310
            Age:  50-54 (in October 2012)
            source of above address:
            The house may be a ranch house on the northeast side of Chateau Drive, north of Winter Lane.
            There was a light-colored station wagon or van parked in front.
            John K. Hirokawa, 47 years old (8 November 2003),
            18570 Decatur Road
            Los Gatos, CA 95030-3008.
          2. Born: HIROKAWA, JOHN K 06/27/1956 MALE, mother KATO, county SAN FRANCISCO
          3. Comment He rose from sergeant. In October 2012, he is Chief of Correction John Hirokawa.
          4. Saratoga Address Below is a detailed description of the Saratoga address mentionned above. APN:393-10-005 Situs Address(es) : 20132 CHATEAU DR SARATOGA 95070-4310 Mailing Address: 20132 CHATEAU DR SARATOGA CA 95070-4310 Current Information 2012 2011 2010 School District/Tax Rate Area Street View FAQ PROPERTY INFORMATION Document No: 20074523 Document Type: GRANT DEED Transfer Date: 12/23/2008 Tax Default Date: 6/30/2010 VALUE INFORMATION (Assessed Information as of 6/30/2012) Real Property Business Exemptions Net Assessed Value Land: $35,109 Fixtures: $0 Homeowner: $7,000 Improvements: $126,000 Structure: $0 Other: $0 Personal Property: $0 Total: $161,109 Total: $0 Total: $7,000 $154,109
        5. Sgt. Dean Baker
        6. Deputy Robert Bosworth
          Robert Bosworth
          Pelm Lane, Foresthill (Baker Ranch), 95631
          phone 530-367-nnnn
          A few people named "Robert Bosworth" seem to live south of Los Angeles.
          2014 March source:
        7. Detective Randy Bynum of the Sheriff's Office Investigations Unit
        8. Detective Joe Lopez
        9. Detective Charles Moss
        10. Detective Jose Salcido

Home Addresses of People Most of Whom Are or Were Government Officers or Employees


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