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1906 San Francisco, California, refugeesCALIFORNIA STATE LEGISLATORS' HOME ADDRESSES

A to E (except Noreen Marie EVANS)

This page has information about legislative officers whose surnames begin with A to E except Assemblyperson Noreen Marie Evans (and her paid, consultant-son Joel Evans-Fudem), for whom we have special pages. Her page is linked to from the California main page, which we link to both from the bottom of this page and from the home page.

Often in California, secret information about many government officers and other people is stolen. To cite just a few examples, there have been physical thefts (as distinguished, for example, from thefts through the Internet) of secret information affecting the California National Guard (Jan. 2006; hundreds of Guardsmen; SSNs and other info), California Department of Health Services (May 2005; 21,600; SSNs and medical info), and University of California at Berkeley (Mar 2005; 100,000; SSNs and DOBs). If California's legislature were willing to enact intelligent, constitutional legislation to better protect the privacy of government officers and other people in California, there would be much less theft of secret information.

  1. 2005 August 12, Republican leader of the state senate Richard Charles "Dick" Ackerman.

    Born in Long Beach on 5 December 1942. Lives in Irvine. He was mayor of Fullerton. Email address He is active California lawyer number 41240. His office address as a lawyer: Rutan & Tucker LLP, 611 Anton Blvd 1400, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. He is a lawyer in California and a member of the California legislature (which makes laws and consents to judicial appointments). He was vice-chairman of the assembly judiciary committee and a candidate for attorney genereal but has done nothing to end California's cesspool of judgeship-selling. Selling judgeships causes incompetent judges. Those judges work to prevent jury trials, not to prevent violence and other problems. The two goals frequently are incompatible.


    RICHARD C. ACKERMAN, Dec 1942, 808 PANORAMA RD, FULLERTON CA 92831, (714) 871-9263.

    RICHARD C. ACKERMAN, 953 BLAINE AVE., SACRAMENTO CA 95838 (916) 925-6338.


    RICHARD C ACKERMAN, Sacramento CA, (916) 448-8656.

    RICHARD C ACKERMAN, 901 3RD ST (near Idaho Avenue), SANTA MONICA CA 90403-2546.

    RICHARD C ACKERMAN, 1110 20TH ST., SANTA MONICA CA 90403, (310).
    Assessor's Id. Number 4276-008-021. Site .... Property Type Multi-Family Residential. Region / Cluster 07 / 07423. Tax Rate Area (TRA) 08004. Recording Date 06/14/1996. Land $264,570. Improvements $270,516. Personal Property $3,325. Homeowners' Exemption $0. Real Estate Exemption $0. Personal Property Exemption $0. Fixture Exemption $0.

    In 2003, his wife Linda described herself as a self-employed fundraiser, according to California poltiical contribution records.
    ACKERMAN LINDA, SELF-EMPLOYED, FUNDRAISER, IRVINE, CA 92692. DE VORE IN '04, ID#1254121, State Assembly 70, $100.00, 9/3/2003.
    It may possibly be that the zip code his wife supposedly supplied, 92692, is wrong. Self-employed fundraisers usually get paid for their work, often a percentage of what they raise. We do not know how much, if anything, Linda Ackerman earned as a self-employed fundraiser. We do not know if her husband, a leader in the state senate, is one of her clients. Both of them (for example, with respect to income, assets, and campaign funds) need to be legally surveiled.

  2. 31 August 2004, Elaine Alquist, member of state assembly, is Elaine Kontominas Alquist. She is married to former state senator Al Alquist (who seems to be Alfred E. Alquist, who may be decades older than she). She has two adult children, Peter and Bryan, and a two-year-old grandchild, Jasmine. Elaine and her husband live in Santa Clara city. Elaine may be:
    ELAINE K ALQUIST, age 60, 1824 CATHERINE ST, SANTA CLARA CA 95050, area code (408).
  3. 1 July 2004, JIM BATTIN

    State senate. Senator for 37th state senate district, which borders Mexico. He has 3 kids. We vaguely recall that he's the son of a judge. Maybe he's the son of the late federal judge in Montana, James Franklin Battin.

    JIM BATTIN, 73710 FRED WARING DR, PALM DESERT town, Riverside county, CA 92260, (760) 568-0408.

  4. Senator Joseph Lawrence "Joe" Dunn, 2005 August 28

    Senate district: 34, spouse Diane, kids, born 5 September 1958 in Saint Paul Minnesota, lives in Santa Ana town of Orange county, acttive California lawyer number 123063.

    JOSEPH L. DUNN, born Sep 1958, 1911 HELIOTROPE DR., SANTA ANA, CA, (714) 543-8894.

  5. Noreen Marie EVANS

    We have pages just for Assemblyperson Noreen Marie Evans (and her consultant-son, Joel Evans-Fudem). Her page is linked to from the California main page, which we link to both from the bottom of this page and from the home page.

Home Addresses of People Most of Whom Are or Were Government Officers or Employees


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