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List of Our Federal Pages

Some federal officers are listed as "name withheld" or "name unknown". We guess that a withheld name merely is withheld from public disclosure by the discloser, often a government agency's personnel department; but that an unknown name is so secret that the discloser does not know the name.

  1. Department of Agriculture USDA
  2. Department of Commerce
    1. Department of Commerce except NOAA
    2. NOAA
  3. Congress
    1. A-V
    2. W-Z
  4. Courts
    1. Courts except Supreme Court
    2. Supreme Court
  5. Credit Unions
    Managers of Federally Insured Credit Unions NCUA (National Credit Union Administration)
  6. Department of Defense, DoD military
  7. Education: Department of Education
  8. Electoral College Delegates 2008
  9. Energy: Department of Energy
  10. General Services Administration GSA
  11. Health
    1. Health and Human Services
      1. HHS Health and Human Services
      2. CDC Centers for Disease Control
      3. FDA
    2. NIH: National Institutes of Health
  12. Department of Homeland Security, DHS
    1. FPS Federal Protective Service
    2. DHS except FPS
  13. Intelligence
    1. Central Intelligence Agency
      1. a few intelligence sites CIA headquarters, Point Harvey, NCTC, Camp Peary
      2. CIA officers A-D
      3. CIA officers E-J
      4. CIA officers K-R
      5. CIA officers S-Z
      6. Related organizations especially Aero Contractors Ltd
    2. National Intelligence Council NIC
    3. National Security Agency NSA
    4. All other intelligence officers
  14. Department of the Interior
  15. DoJ: Department of Justice
    1. U.S. Attorneys
    2. Marshals
    3. Bureau of Prisons
    4. Other Federal Department of Justice for example: DEA and Executive Office for Immigration Review
  16. NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  17. Postal Service: USPS
  18. Reserve: Federal Reserve System
  19. Republican National Convention Delegates 2004 New York City, Listed by State.
    1. A-C
    2. D-G
    3. H-K
    4. L-M
    5. N-O
    6. P-W
  20. SSA: Social Security Administration
  21. DoS: Department of State
    1. Department of State
    2. State Departnent Telephone Directories Foreign and Domestic
  22. Department of Transportation
  23. Trade FTC, USTR
  24. Department of the Treasury
  25. DVA: Department of Veterans Affairs
  26. White House
    1. presidents and vice-presidents.
    2. White House staff

  27. Other Federal
    1. A-O for example, FCC
    2. P-Z

Home Addresses of People Most of Whom Are or Were Government Officers or Employees


2010 N.Y. Pistol Permits Impropriety in USA Govt
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