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  1. Instructions
    1. Introduction 2022jun30 To advertise, send money directly to our bank account. When money is sent to our account, the sending bank's form has space for a brief message to us. That's where you put your ad and anything else you want. Your ad can be text only, no pictures or sounds. Your ad may have a link to another web site. There are a hypothetical examples of an ad elsewhere on this page. No one asked us for, paid us for, or authorized those ads. Don't blame seeming advertisers.
    2. Contents of your message to us If the entire message to us is only a destination URL (for example, example.con/abc/10.php or, the ad will link to that URL. The surfer, while looking at the ad, will see only the TLD and everything to its left (for example, "" or "") but not the rest of the URL. (For example "/abc/10.php" will not be seen by the surfer. In summary, if all you send us is a URL the full URL will the destination, but the text that the surfer sees will be the TLD (for example, "com" or "de") and everything to its left. The entire destination URL should be 240 characters or fewer. We will put "https://" before it. Your message to us may have advertising text with no URL. For example, if your entire message to us is "FINE WORK"), the surfer will see "FINE WORK" (without quotation marks) but there will be no link. We don't know who you are. Our bank automatically tells us the name of the sender. You don't need to put your name in the message to us. If the message to us is "John Smith," then "John Smith" (without quotation marks), will be the ad. You are not required to provide a destination URL or an advertising message. If we get a payment with no advertising messsage (no URL and no text for the surfer to read), it is a gift and there will be no advertisement. In the unlikely event that you want a blank ad (a rectangle with no link and no advertising text), your payment's message should be 5blank ad no link5 The advertising text (the text that the surfer sees) should be 240 characters or fewer. Your advertising text (the test that the surfer sees) should be in English, German, or French. That's because we want to understand it. If you want to tell us something that is neither the destination URL nor advertising text, enclose it in 5s. For example: 5AD ON A USA PAGE5 We would interpret that as your request that the ad be on a page about the USA. In summary, a message to us might have:
      1. destination URL (where the surfer goes if he clicks)
      2. advertising text (text that a surfer sees, which is in a colored rectabgle at the top-center of the page)
      3. a 5-message (text for us, text that a surfer will not see).
    3. Long messages Your entire message may be too long for the message part of your bank's form. If you don't have enough space, send us a few payments at the same time (the last payment sent not more than one hour after the first payment). We'll notice a few payments from the same sender arriving at about the same time. We'll read the messges as one message. The total of the payments should be at least €30.00. The entire, destination URL must be in the message part of one payment. Please do not send part of a URL with one payment, and the rest of the URL with another payment. There is an advertising directory below on this page. The directory will enable you to find your ad in this web site. We will check for payments at least once weekly. Your ad will appear, and will be listed in our advertising directory, within 25 days of when we get your payment.
    4. Permitted characters a b c d e f g h i j kl m n o p q r s t u v w x y z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R ST UVW XY Z 0 123456789 / - ?: ( ) . , + Space The German alphabet (for example: ä ß Ö) is permotted if the payment is sent from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.
    5. How to send money
      1. From a bank branch in an ECB country Every branch in Germany is in this category. bank: Volksbank Oldenburg account owner: Alan Jacob Munn IBAN (International Bank Account Number) DE74 2806 1822 3822 8068 00 BIC GENODEF1EDE We think thar we can withdraw money about 36 hours after you send it.
      2. From all other branches Every branch in America is in this category. Use the ECB information above. The bank branch name and address follow. name Oldenburg Volksbank street name and building number: Hauptstraße (or "Hauptstrasse") 74 postal code: 26122 city: Oldenburg state: Niedersachsen country: Germany Use the IBAN as the account number. Oldenburg Volksbank SWIFT code GENODEF1EDE
    6. Price One Euro for three days, 90 days minimum. Thus, the minimum payment to us is 30 Euros. Pay your bank enough that we receive €30. Because we're a tiny business (klein unternehmen ?), there is no VAT. All sales are final. All payments are final. No refunds. Advertising on this site is new. We suggest that no one send more than €30.00 as a first payment.
    7. Important Notice If you advertise with us, we will not attempt to figure out who you are. If you advertise with us and your identity is discovered by someone hostile to this site, it is likely that at least one of the following events will occcir.
      1. Someone will ask you to stop advertising.
      2. Someone will tell you bad gosssip that he knows about this web site's owner.
      Please send us a copy of anything which seems intended to persuade you not to advertise.
    8. Sample, hypothetical ads The ads below are not real. The width of an ad automatically adapts to the amount of advertising text.
      1. simple ad



        To get this ad, the message to us should be: CRYPTOME.ORG That's all. "CRYPTOME.ORG" is the destination URL. The URL is the advertising text when all we are told is the URL.
      2. example of a wide ad



        To get this ad, the message to us should be: SEETHROUGHNY.NET TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT IN NEW YORK STATE OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA That's all. "SEETHROUGHNY.NET" is the destination URL. "TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT IN NEW YORK STATE OF UNITRF STATES OF AMERICA" is the advertising text. This sample ad is in an outline. Therefore, it is a little indented to the right. Therefore, the ad is a little right of center. Your ad would be in the top of teh page, not in an outline.
    9. More time or more pages Every ad has a number. If the cursor hovers over an ad, you ought to see an ad number. Also, the ad number is in the source code for that page that the ad is on. Imagine that the number is 0001. If you want to prolong it, send at least €30 with the message 5prolong 0001ad5 to us. If you want the ad on an additional page, send at least €30 with the message 5extra page 0001ad5 to us.
    10. Complaints, Comments, Suggestions, Feedback Our contact information is on the Impressum page.
    11. Content of advertising text Advertising text is text that the surfer sees (for example, "CRYPTOME TELLS SECRETS" or "Cryptome tells secrets."). The advertising text should be true.

  2. Advertising Directory We list ads in alphabetical order of what the surfer sees in the ad.

    1. ad


      advertisement 0001 Location in this web site hypothetical example of an ad


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